Aloha • & • Welcome

You survived what you thought would kill you. Now straighten your crown & move forward like the Queen you are.

Aloha & Welcome!

I am so glad you decided to visit. It means that you are curious & interested in my journey.
First off, my name is Kahelelani Keale. I am 25 years old & I live in North Idaho. I am a mother to an amazingly beautiful 7 month old. I am a full time mommy.

Just like you, I was very skeptical but then I started seeing people I know succeed and thrive in this company & it got me very interested. I started off with the samples & instantly fell in love.

I know this sounds like every other person that has tried to keep you interested, believe me, I’d scroll through and see everyone’s page and trust me I wasn’t trying to fall for it, but with this pandemic I had to do something especially with raising my little one and my income getting cut by almost half. I decided to give it a try & I’m glad I did.

I am so grateful for the people who have helped me and guided me. Especially my titah who kicked me in my butt to hop on & help me through this.

So here I am, making an extra income & providing for my family.

So if you are curious about the products and ready to make a change not only for the sake of your hair & skin, but for financial freedom, then head over to the next page to find the links to my hair & skincare quiz.