my web! <3

my note to you:
hi! welcome to my website. first i just wanna say a huge thank you for all my supporters and the support in general! anyway, in this website i will be sharing some fonts, colorings, etc. i hope you like / enjoy my website as much as i enjoyed making it! btw, this website is kinda inspired by @uqbarrett! i love you all and thank you!

- what to give credit for: -

- coloring & themes: yes please. i don’t make a lot of themes but colorings i do and if i give them out please don’t claim it as yours or make a tutorial. all of them will be in my website / here!

- caption: i don’t mind if you do or don’t!

- bio: if i work hard on it yes!

- pfp: don’t take my pfp please! :)

- addressing stuff: -

- self promo: please don’t do self promo on my profile because it’s super annoying and i don’t like in general. your comment will end up being deleted or you might end up being blocked from my page. so please don’t risk / do it because i don’t wanna block you!

- theme stickers: i don’t plan on making any currently. but if i remake a theme sticker from someone else give credits to them. if i made the theme / sticker give credits to me!

- joining my account: no. you will not be joining my account. so please don’t ask because i will end up saying no anyway!

beach day coloring!

hi! this is my beach day coloring tutorial! please don’t do any tutorials and give cc to me! <3

apps you’ll need:
- ultralight
- prequel
- colourtone

1st: prequel
- exposure: 30+
- highlights: 40+
- shadows: 100+
- sharpen: 25+
- aberration: 60+
- blur: 25+
- filter: teal ( 100% )
- effects: winter ( 10% )

2nd: colourtone
- filter: coogee

3rd: ultralight
- clarity: 10+

and that’s it! ik it’s very similar to @victoriacharls & @turtleaddison’s colorings but different. so yeah! please give credits to @illymonk or @ivoryscharls ( me ) !!! <3

beachy day coloring!

hi! this is my beachy day coloring! sorta similar to beach day but brighter i think!

apps you’ll need:
- prequel
- ultralight
- colourtone

1st: prequel
- exposure: 30+
- highlights: 42+
- shadows: 100+
- sharpen: 25+
- aberration: 62+
- blur: 30+
- filter: teal ( 100% )
- effects: winter ( 0% )

2nd: colourtone
- coogee
- shadows: 0.50

3rd: ultralight
- clarity: 10+

that’s it! please give credits in bio and or give credits to @illymonk or @ivoryscharls ( me ) !!!

mini font pack!

here’s a mini font pack of some trending fonts rn!

font pack:

writing fonts:
- catcafe
- cheri
- coconut cookies
- pastel skies
- bouncy!
- flower girl
- hashed browns
- hey comic
- kg happy
- hug me tight
- keep on truckin’
- kg miss kindy chunky
- kids space demo
- kind heart

- care around
- heart warming
- bet wind
- beauty
- can dog
- candy icons
- carrballoons
- DJB Doodled Bits
- fairy tales
- easy skyline
- fireworks
- habede doodles
- good morning

no need for credits lol!