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How to build a sleeping schedule

Being in bed for 7-8hr with good quality sleep is one thing & it’s another being in bed for 7-8hrs of sleep but not getting good quality sleep. Sleep is one of the things that gets over looked at when it comes to achieving our fitness goals but it’s really an important thing to work on as it is one crucial recovery method that helps us with:
• Losing fat and gain muscle
•Recovering, repairing, and adapting( which plays a huge roll in soreness)
• Regulate blood sugars, hormones, hunger, appetite,etc.
• Energy and alertness
•Growth, development
& much more!

Heathy alternatives for most common carbs consumed

Carbs are bad for you” is a misconception people make when they hear the word carbs but I’m here to tell you they are your best friend!!👯‍♀️ Here are a few healthy alternatives for the most common carbs we eat🥖🫓.

Why are carbs important?!:
- Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel for your body. They are what allow you to perform well in your daily activities and also in your workouts. They do this by providing energy to all the systems of your body such as your circulatory system (heart, blood), central nervous system( brain,nerves) and muscular system.
The types of carbs you are consuming is what matters:
Simple carbs: 🍞🥪
- Are highly refined carbs that do not provide much nutrients for the body which cause us to digest them quickly, therefore, causes us to feel unsatisfied. P.s ever wondered why you still feel hungry after eating a whole box of cookies? 🍪This is why.
Complex carbs: 🌾🍠
- Come from whole food sources like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains that provide more nutrients(vitamins and minerals) which cause us to digested slowly & keeps us satisfied.
- Are high in fiber which helps keep your GI (gastric intestinal) track healthy.

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Make your water flavorable!

It can be tough drinking plain water so here are some great add ins to try to add flavor in your water every now and then🍇🍉🍓
BONUS: it is a good source of additional vitamins, helps boost immune system, helps digestive system, and much more.
3 of my favorite combos:
1. Blue berries and orange
2. Cucumber and lemon
3. Pineapple and strawberry
4. Raspberry and orange

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