Finding time to breathe

Go to time out

Breathe in.... Breathe out..... That's it. You got it mama. Keep it going. Being mindful in the journey of motherhood is so important. We're so busy thinking about the next thing we can forget that the next thing to do is to just take a breath for 1 minute. Not 2 minutes or 3 minutes, just a minute. That's all it takes. Be conscious about it. Be aware of your emotions. If you feel like crying, it's ok. Cry. If you don't feel like crying, It's ok. It's all about checking in with yourself. Think to yourself, "how an I feeling". No need to get into the how's and why's of it. Now that you are aware of your feelings what does your breath feel like. Is it slow and steady? Is it fast and labored like you've been running? Really focus on how your body feels. Take note of this. Write it down and continue on with your day.

Bar soaps 🧼

My Fav bar soaps

So I took a trip to the mall for nothing in particular. I ended up getting some amazing soaps from anthropology. I quickly realized that bar soaps are what I needed in my life forever. They are so good for the environment because our their minimal packaging. If you're going for a waste free lifestyle this is a easy way to start.

Lollia Breathe Shea Butter Soap

Lollia is such an awesome brand. Everything they sell smells amazing!

Mistral Floral Bar Soap In Gardenia

Very beautiful scent

Seaweed soap"

I originally bought these from Anthropology in store. You can't find it there any more. You have to buy online. This scent is very clean and simple.

I'm no doctor, but......

Here's how I treat my toddler's fever

Kids get sick. That's just what they do. Don't worry mom you ve this !


Olive Garden Pasta

15 minutes
2-3 serving

Spaghetti pasta
Spinach (optional)
Cherry tomatoes
Olive Oil
Italian cheese

Boil water and add salt

*Gather all ingredients

Heat oil in pan

Place pasta in boiling water

Place Tomatoes and olives in pan

Stir pasta occasionally

Add Basil when tomatoes soften

When pasta is to your liking do not drain it. Use tongs or pasta server to add it to the pan with the tomato, olive, and basil. Do not drain pasta.

Add cheese and more basil

Serve on plate

Be Encouraged

Peace is with you

Philippians 4 6-9
You have to read it!


I love being your mom

Hi my name is Lena! I'm Leo's mother. I love being his mom. He has changed my life completely . I wanted to create a place for you to come and find what you need to help you in this journey of motherhood. I know personally how much a child will change your life and I want to share with you what I've learned thus far.

Here you will find a lot of quick and easy tips that won't require of effort on your part to execute. We're talking about achievable mom hacks to make your life easier in an aesthetically pleasing way. From home organization to non-toxic beauty products to meaningful content to uplift your spirits. You will find a little bit of everything here.

He knows what you need

Matthew 6:9