A simple, easy, approach to home repairs.

Based in Orange and Rockland Counties, NY

Hi! Going to put a basic, unedited version of what we are doing, just so you get the idea.

We are a different type of handyman service. Subscription based. Our model would be: subscribers pay maybe $200(?) per month,and we provide 3 services:

1) each month, a handyman comes to your house, for a couple of hours, and takes care of all your basic handywork, odd jobs, honey-to-do-list. IKEA furniture Assembly. Hang up the flat screen TV. Install that light fixture or ceiling fan. Whatever. Included would be seasonal tasks - change air conditioning filters in the spring, leak heaters before the winter, etc.

2) Clients can opt-in to pay additional for various add-on services: snow removal, landscaping, lawn mowing, pool maintenance, etc.

3) total home maintenance: any professional you need for your home, no need to shop around for the right guy. Just call us. We have top professionals for all your home work, be it plumbing, electrical, roofing, remodeling, your name it, we've got it!
(Initially, as a starting company, we obviously won't be able to keep all these professionals on our payroll. Our plan for the beginning is to have have a database of excellent, reputable, professionals, we would pre negotiate with these guys to make sure our clients are getting quality work for reasonable rates. I would believe that these professionals would agree to work with us, knowing we would be providing them with a lot of work. From the clients' side, everything would be going thru us, including payment for any work done. We'll make the arrangements, make sure the job gets done, make sure it gets done right, and our client is not getting ripped off.

Those are the 3 basic services we would provide.

We would be working in neighboring Orange and Rockland counties, NY.

Our story:
Initially, we had been planning to open up a franchise under a company called 'TruBlue total house care', became they are offering the same idea that we had, but we've decided to open on our own, with a bit of help of a company called 'myhasslefreehome' based in MD. (We will probably be using their software).
If you check out those 2 companies, you'll get a better idea of what we are looking to do.

We have been procrastinating for quite a while now, bit we really want to get started, but don't really know we to begin - do we need a cool website? Catchy name? What with marketing? Send out mailings? Emails? So we are kind of stuck here, a great idea, but don't know how to use it!

We can either us one company to do everything - marketing research and strategy, branding, website, social media, etc, or use different experts for each field.

Important point - just so you get the idea of where we are holding - we are on a limited budget, and we wanted to use the bulk of our capital in building the actual service, and not use too much resources for marketing, branding, advertisements, etc.
We were initially considering getting a cheap logo, website, etc on fiverr, and as we see some revenue, we would be able to upgrade our brand, website, etc, however I'm not sure that the work found on those sites would provide us with even basic quality work, so I'm looking into more professional freelancers and agencies.
Can we pay as much as the hotshots? Absolutely not! But we are looking to build an ongoing relationship with you - market research & marketing specialist, website builder, branding expert, social media manager, etc, and when we DO hit the Forbes 400, I'm sure that at that point our working together would be very mutually beneficial!

Please let me know what you think.

Step 1:
Marketing expert needed.
Please swipe left to see what we need with regards to marketing.

Other steps:
Branding, Logo
Social Media

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Market expert needed

Let me hear your proposal!

Marketing expert needed!

In short, I'm looking for the building blocks related to my target market, audience, their demographics, and how to position ourselves. What we are looking to accomplish with marketing:

Who are our potential customers?
Define ideal client persona. (Age, Gender, Location, Job title(s), Family size, Income level, etc).
What do they currently do for home repairs?
What will make them use my service?
How do I get to them - which mediums  - social media? Google? Mailings? What would my marketing techniques be and how to a speak my targets' 'language'? How large is my target market? How much are potential customers willing to pay and How should I price my services?

Comparison of Competitors:
Who is my competition? What are my competitors’ strengths and weaknesses? How would I get the edge over them?

Market Overview/Research of Industry: Industry insights, trends, Market growth trends and size, SWOT Analysis,
Market size and growth projections, Demographics & Pedigree, Spending analysis Trends, needs and demands

I'm getting the understanding that there are many ways in doing market research. So if possible, with your proposal, I would also like to understand how you do you research.

In conclusion, I'm going to be straightforward - I'm no marketing expert. I've put together the above list based on limited internet research on how to start a business. I fully understand that some of these questions may be unnecessary, and I'm more than ready ready to hear that from you.

Looking forward!

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