Get to know me!

Stuff :

I am just a Millie B B fp trying to spread the Gosple ☻︎

Ur so pretty today bub

How to get closer to God

How to:

1 : pray 2-3 times daily
2 : try not to sin (do bad things)
3 : spread God's word

Why can't we sin?

First of all, it's a overall bad thing, and we have to try not
to do it, even if you don't believe in Jesus! Second, is that
when Jesus returns, we will be judged for evry single sin we
have done in our intire lifes.

Spreading the Gospel

Just beacuse you believe in Jesus, dosen't mean you will go to Heaven!
S@t@n and his folowers believe in Jesus and God!
How you can go to Heaven is by spreading the Gospel! Wich, is
talking to ppl abt Jesus and God, or posting videos
warning ppl that he's coming back!


Info abt mills:

Millie is a (very) talented, 17 year old.
She is a actor, has her own makeup/ skincare line called florence by mills
(I , myself have bought her products!) , and she is also a fashion icon
As most of you know, she was casted in one of Netflix's
most viewed shows at only 11, but her career started
way before she was 11! At 9, she got to play
small roles in shows like Greg's Atonomy
(or sum like that) and Alice in the

Fact about mee (enjoy beutifull mbb)

1: I love to read ALOT, I am a 4th grader with a reading level of a 7th grader 2: I love uu 3: I have always believed in God 4: I'm 10 5: I have anxiety