I.meika coming soon

I'm hoping that you're ready for all this jelly

That Cork is the Gift!

Including myself, people are real weirdos. I put love on that statement. Seriously, in most cases those "weirdo" "oddball" or unique corks in our personalities, are our greatest gifts or super powers. Being our most valuable and necessary contribution to the world. Embrace yourself. Embrace others as they are, and enjoy the world

Hola hola! I'm Meika!!
I've always been a little bit of a weirdo, okay a lot of bit. Obviously
For those who know me personally,
you're welcome.
Surprisingly, if you take a child raised in Nea Markri, Greece, inbetween two Greek Farms.
All of a sudden throw them back into American public school... in the most Turnt Up Valley ....AKA Inland Empire of California.
You're going to have a special being.

But who am I kiddin?!
We're ALL special beings. And I love it!

My upcoming series is all about me activley embracing and exploring myself and the world around me.
I'll be interviewing artists of all mediums.
Those who Embrace their own differences and share it with the world.
First stop, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


Makeup tutorials by i_MEIKA. WE'LL be using makeup as our medium. Our mission is playful, confidence, World domination. Baby steps ladied. Every week we'll run through the basics, in addition to "themed face nights" ... Arm yourself with tips and tricks personalized to your features to bring out your Beauty and uniqueness.. now taking early sign ups. DM me for admission/ face kits/ and dates. You can contact me Direct.