introducing mia

nunginas and nunanus'

i don't know when i will be accessing this website again but i thought it would be cool to make one for my fiancé.

meet mia. she is such a hard worker and she's always ready to lend a helping hand to whoever needs it. wether it be taking over someone's shifts at work, taking someone's closing shift, helping someone with their work. her hard work is admirable. once you get to know her you will see she is an amazing friend but doesn't put up with anyone's crap. she will give her whole heart to you but will leave if she doesn't think she is getting what she deserves. anyone would be lucky to call her a friend; and i, myself, am extremely lucky to call herself my wife.

she has such a heart of gold. she loves her family and friends unconditionally. it's amazing to see her bloom into the strong young woman she has become today.

some fun facts about mus mus:

- she likes strawberries (especially the chocolate covered ones)

- she likes wine .. a lot

- she is hardworking

- she is admirable and loving

- she is considerate and concerned

- she is tokos biggest fan ( you're not lol duh )

- she fights for what she believes in and loves so

- she has two fur babies (cirkeline and dogo. dogo is mine not yours)

- she likes juice. she sent me a picture of juice one time

- she has a stuffed animal named phanty (i am the qualified phanty babysitter and overwatcher)

- she has many lovable traits that leads to her loyalty and strength. she is the strongest woman i know. she is such an amazing friend.

- she will hype you up

- she loves andre. trai byers belongs to her not you. capeesh?

- toko and atypisk are hers

- she loves baby boomer nails

- also will be bankrupt for buch copenhagen

- loves ikea (literally)

- likes pastel nails