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Bonjour 💌 welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Imogen, and I’m a 21 year-old psychology student living in Brisbane, Australia. This Instagram is a visual journal showcasing my adventures and the things in life I find beautiful. I love styling (anything fashion, basically!) beauty, skincare, promoting self-love and female empowerment. Instagram, for me, is a platform to express myself in a way that leads to creative freedom, genuine connections and lifelong friendships. The little community I have here on Instagram feels to me like a second family- I adore the connections I’ve made and it’s an extremely supportive, positive environment.

I love working with brands to help bring my own little touch to their vision & their products. Please reach out if you would like to work together (please note- I am vegan and do not use any products/ fashion made with animal byproducts). I adore content creation and have recently been allocating more time and effort into Instagram and building my passion for styling. Please swipe right to learn more and see what I’ve been up to recently ❤️

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Collaborations 💌

(These include collabs from my previous Instagram account @imogen.k and my previous blog, faux-silk)

With my previous account, I worked with brands such as Nourish skincare, Botanics UK, Ettitude Australia, LANATE skincare and Runway Goddess (to name just a few).

However, I decided to start over with a brand new Instagram account last year, and very recently I’ve decided to stop ignoring my passion for styling & beauty, and focus on content creation once again. I’m a small account right now, but with a big heart & big dreams!

Below is a list of brands I’ve collabed with since starting this account. I also have some really exciting collaborations coming up, so stay tuned! Please note- I am vegan and will only work with brands who do not use animal by-products in their beauty or fashion pieces. Thank you for understanding!

Thanks for stopping by and please email or DM me if you’re interested in working together 💛


Volley Australia collaboration- Heritage High Leap Sneakers

Hello Glow Skin

Emerging vegan & cruelty-free skincare brand


Australia and New Zealand-based fashion brand - an ongoing, monthly collaboration


Vegan, ethical, sustainable fashion brand

The Daily Edited

Monogrammed vegan iPhone case


An Australian brand with beautiful, stylish sunglasses


A jewellery brand with beautifully unique, timeless designs

Ally Fashion

Australian fashion label with cute, on trend affordable clothes