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iMommy_me is the brand. We have created a community where moms of any color, Any back ground, and specifically moms who are bad ass can find their village and tether themselves to each other. It’s more than just memes and ideas. Its place to have discussions, relate, and even find a shoulder to cry on.

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The cute stuff you don’t buy.

So as I was strolling through Walmart I always find cool little things to purchase because i have an extreme case of “ I just need it”. However, during this quarantine I found it hard to continue to enjoy cooking. I love cooking, and I love feeding my family, but I was running out of recipes to make. $6 bucks each and here we are and I have already made a meal or two from the book, and this weekend I will make something from that Patti book. Any of you ladies have any ideas for me to cook?! Let me know please and Thank you!! I’ll also share with the community and we can all try and share our good foods

Nurse Appreciation Week

We are eternally grateful for our Nurses! Thank you for the T L C you provide in the ER, doctor offices, and in all other capacities! We appreciate you!

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iMommy_Me is always thinking of ways to rebrand itself. Keep ourselves innovative. If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to send an email on how we can adjust ourselves to your liking. As always we’re always with you!

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Justice  —

Yes, we are aware of the black on black crime in our community. However, when a black persons kills they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However when a police officer ( who is white) kills a Black person they are not prosecuted. They use the tactic that they are in fear of their lives. If you are afraid to do your job maybe you are in the wrong line of employment. That is why we are angry. There is no accountability when our black men and women are killed by the hands of the law.

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