Hi,😋,,, I love you all💕💖💗❤

Hello, fndz it's Me meraz. I'm very extrovert in nature.
I'm not hot or gorgeous. I don't have an amazing figure or a 6pack stomach
or a good muscle. I'm far from being considered a model but, I'm me. I eat
food, I have curves, I have more fat than I should, I have scars, I have a
history. Some people love me, some like me, some hate me. I have done
good, I have done bad. I love my Pj's and I go without makeup and don't
get my hair done. I'm random and crazy, I don't pretend to be someone I'm
not. I am who I am, you can love me or not. I won't change!! And if I love
you, I do it with my Heart!! I make no apologies for the way I am..!! ♥♥♥
I was asked today what is my secret for always looking calm and relax. I
paused for a second and said, "Being hurt, betrayed or angry is part and
parcel of being human and that's life. But how you react to the situation is
important. Whenever anyone hurt my feelings or I feel disappointed about
something.... I'd say, it's ok. God is great. Let it go and wish that person
find peace and wish that person well". The moment I feel that, the situation
doesn't affect me anymore. And I can go about my day unperturbed but
feeling more blessed that God made me the way I am so that I can go
about life with greater peace of mind. It's all thanks to HIM.
Don't get confused between my 'Personality' & my 'Attitude'. My Personality
is who I am and my Attitude depends on you. It depends how U treat ME
or how U appriciate ME.....
''I Am What I Am, I Not What U Think. No One Gonna Change Me and
Nobody Could Untill I Change Myself Willingly''
I can be mad with mad, bad with bad and ofcorse good with good. So it's
upto U how you want ME to see.
1 thing i just want2 tell my fndz once again:
Love a friend who hurts you, but never hurt a friend who loves U. I LOVE

WARNING!!!>>> тн!ѕ σffєя ιz ℓ!м!тє∂ т!ℓℓ ι αм αℓ!νє!!!

i am just ♥ME♥ Moi HeArT.........Dnt Broke iT
I am only me, that is all that I can be
No more, no less, don’t second guess I love, I laugh, I live and cry,
I’ve wished at times, that I could die Some days I’m funny, others I’m not,
sometimes I’m in overdrive and can’t stop I am a loyal and honest friend,
You know that I’ll be there until the end I am a romantic, sensual, and
passionate too,
to the love of my life, I’ll share this with you I can be sweet and shy or
sassy and bold,
I’m quite a handful, or so I’ve been told I am not perfect, I do have my
like when I get scared I put up high walls Or I’m not as forgiving, as I’d
sometimes like to be,
because when I hurt, I hurt deeply My logic is all my own, at times
because I don’t always do things for my own good I have many facets, like a
diamond you see…
I am only me. so Don't, don't, don't mess with me
Don't, don't, don't mess with me