Hey girl! I’m India ✌️ Let me tell you more about me!

Nothing changed because nothing was changing. So I decided to change everything.

At the beginning of 2019, I was a stay at home mother to brand new twin boys. I was losing hair from stress and having my sons, and I was exhausted all the time! I was constantly feeling anxious and finances were always an issue.

After several weeks of watching my friend and enroller, Brittani, continue to grow herself and her life because of this business, I decided to give network marketing another shot. She told me “Anyone can do anything with the proper training,” and I believed her. I mean, if she was doing it, maybe I could do it too!

Here I am, a year and a half later, and I’ve completely replaced a full time income in my household. I have grown my mind and knowledge exponentially, and I’m actually incredibly excited about my future, and building the life I truly desire! My day to day consists of loving on and teaching my sons, and creating my work schedule when it best suits me. Because of this business, I get the power to my life back, and I hold the keys to unlocking the future I have always dreamed I could give my children.

So what about you? Why would you say yes to this opportunity? What are the things you’d change if you had enough information and money? Do you know?? Maybe it’s time for a change.