About —

Indie Podcast Awards is intended to recognize the work of Independent Podcasters throughout the US.

Our goal is to ensure that we involve the community in showcasing the best within each podcast category.

Submission Process —

Award submissions will open in fall 2020.

Submission Criteria:
- Podcast Must be at least 2 years old*
- Must be creating consistent content (no extended breaks outside of seasonal breaks of 3 months max)
- Podcast Must have a designated website
- Submissions can only be from show host
- One submission only (if a host is on multiple shows only one show can be submitted)
- All host must be included in submission
- Can only submit to one category

For each category 5 finalist will be selected based on the below criteria:
- Sound Quality
- Content Structure
- Overall Show Uniqueness
- Branding
- Audience Engagement

There is a nonrefundable application fee of $25

Submission Categories —

-Best Art Podcast
-Best Beauty/Fashion Podcast
-Best Business/Finance Podcast
-Best Comedy Podcast
-Best Culture/Society Podcast
-Best Education Podcast
-Best Fiction Podcast
-Best Food Podcast
-Best Government/Politics Podcast
-Best History Podcast
-Best Health/Wellness/Fitness Podcast
-Best Kids/Family Podcast
-Best Leisure Podcast
-Best Motivational/Inspirational Podcast
-Best Music Podcast
-Best News/Current Events Podcast
-Best Religion/Spirituality Podcast
-Best Sex/Love/Relationships Podcast
-Best Science/Medicine Podcast
-Best Sports Podcast
-Best Technology Podcast
-Best Travel Podcast
-Best True Crime Podcast
-Best Tv/Film Podcast

-Podcast of The year
-Breakout Show of the year
-Producer of the year
-Engineer of the Year
-Female Host of the year
-Male Host of the year