Nestlecrunch 🍫 I don’t want to just survive. I want to LIVE

I am kind, loving, and sometimes too sensitive.. but it’s what makes me ME

While I may come out as shy and reserved to people who don’t know me, I’m actually quite talkative. Loyalty is one of my biggest virtue. I love music, Disney, universal, theme parks overall, can’t get enough of being a little girl at heart! ♥️ those ROLLERCOASTERS THOUGH! 😝

My biggest weakness is my emotions, I let my emotions take the best of me. Truly realizing it’s also my biggest strength and sometimes I don’t like it -.- but God made me that way so therefore, I deal with it..🙄

I do sushi, Cuban, Italian, Mexican food, and not to mention my weekly diet, that I must say I hate so very much! But being healthy isn’t as easy as people think but it’s worth it. Ugh! Says the girl who can eat a whole turkey leg by herself 😂 (only on cheat days)

My favorite thing in the world is a having a family and a man who loves me for the person I am and will be. Love, isn’t easy it’s hard because sometimes you suck at words so you show what love is instead. It’s forgiving no matter how many times they’ve hurt you, it’s feelings that could never fade no matter how many times you tried to get away from it. It’s a person who saved your life so many times even when they haven’t noticed how they did that. Love is about knowing you have loved this person for as long as you were probably born because God had my person waiting as an almost 2 year old probably playing with his Jurrasic Park toy or maybe even learning to play basketball with his dad. Love is sometimes difficult to put into words or even understand but it’s never difficult to show. I may not be the most perfect woman on this planet but God does show that I am a great woman on this planet in love with YOU 😘

God is great God is good

God is like oxygen you can’t see him but you can’t live without him 💕

Love isn’t suppose to be perfect. It’s suppose to be real.

1950s Love in one picture, love letters, kisses, dancing cha cha, and a lot of full blown affection 💕

Tear drop

Whether you are hurt, angry, happy, sad, and you just need to cry, do it. It isn't a sign of weakness, and so many think if you cry you are a "cry baby", or a "wimp". I tell you that you are not. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You are you and no matter how many times people tell you to stop crying you SAY NO BECAUSE I HAVE FEELINGS!