M-F: A Compassionate Energy Healer

Healers don't heal when things are easy, healers show up when things are hard.

Your environment is more important than you think. Your environment determines what kind of life you’re going to live, what kind of people you’ll attract and what kind of expectations and standards you’ll set for yourself and others.

And sometimes we think that we can’t change our environment or it’s too late to find a new one, but it’s never too late. It’s never too late to realize that you don’t deserve to live with people who bring you more misery than joy. It’s never too late to understand that you don’t have to be punished every time you disagree with them. It’s never too late to walk away from any environment that doesn’t nourish your mind, body, heart and soul.

It’s never too late to heal. You can always heal, just not around those who broke you because all they know is how to break things and it’s not out of pure evil or ill intention, it’s just their psychology, it’s how they were raised, it’s what they’ve been taught. But you’re learning a different lesson and it’s time to find like-minded students who are going to help you succeed and live a better life.

I am a computer science graduate, worked for a large fortune 500 EU company in the energy sector and for a very well known Financial Institution in Canada, after 13+ years of IT exposure I have finally realized I need more self care, self actuating, self discipline, and self nurturing time. Good things start from you and within. To embark on self healing I had to give up everything I was holding on to, which was weighing me down, down to the pit and in the downward spiral. It was inevitable to get help, my wife Aisha @aishaheals helped me for over two years to get me out of that emotional baggage and childhood traumas that was dragging me from achieving and reaching my truest potential. In early 2015 I had started getting awakening and synchronicities, and out of no where I realized my life purpose and that my soul mission is something else. Fast forward in 2017 I also started practicing Emotion Code and Body Code without studying it came so natural and intuitive that it was mind boggling to believe. However I signed up for both Emotion and Body Code Certification and passed in quickest turn around time. I always believe that you hold space for someone you really want to help in their healing journey from your overflow, when you are ready to serve and not from the empty vessel. It's inevitable that you remain defect free or don't carry any blemishes from your past, it's a conscious and constant effort to actuate, align, and heal your wounds before you work on someone - believe me it's very rewarding and soul fulfilling. Healers are the product of their own healing who had the courage to end the cycle of repeated Trauma, self inflicted negativity, and any downward spiral emotional baggage. I am glad I was able to do that, now here I am ready to help people globally and helping raising the vibration of the earth 🌐

Packages and Services Offering

Energy healing is independent of time, space, distance and dimensions.

You receive healing sessions from the comfort of your home as all my sessions are done remotely via subconscious tapping called proxy session. Once session is done a detailed e-mail report is sent and discussed via Skype or Phone. So if you're ready pick one package that suites your needs and process the Payment. Once confirmed you will be scheduled for the session. Emotion Code Session strictly deals with the Unprocessed Trapped Emotions and great for Heartwall Clearing, where as Body Code Session deals with Emotional, Mental, Physiological, Physical, Nutritional, and Environmental aspect of the issues you are struggling with. Body Code Systems is the Gold Standard in the Energy Medicine.

Intro Session - 15 USD

If you are new to Energy Healing or have never experienced it before or skeptic of how it is actually possible to receive healing via distance. This package is for you.

🤔 What you will get?
1. Five Trapped Emotions released
2. Heartwall information and details
3. Inner Child Information
4. Full Chakra Health status
5. Full guidelines and recommendations

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Emotion Code Single Session - 99 USD

✴️ Emotion Code Session Single Session is Ideal if you have already cleared your Heartwall and require maintaining your optimal emotion state of being.

✴️ Pay as you Go towards Clearing Heartwall, purchasing before your scheduled date of session for financial convenience

✴️ Amazing Gift giveaway for friends and family members

🤔 What you will get?

1. Up to 30 Trapped Emotions Released or as long as your subconscious mind allows, this includes but not limited to Trapped Energies such as Inherited Trapped Emotion, Emotional Resonance, Prenatal and Absorbed negative energies etc
2. Placing Protective Shield around body and strengthening the Auric Field

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Emotion Code 4 Sessions Bundle - 355 USD

✴️ This package is ideal for Clearing Heartwall in which layers and layers of accumulated unprocessed emotions around your heart energy center are released. This ensures optimal flow of energy from heart to vital organs, glands and tissues.

✴️ Before Opting for Body Code Sessions Heartwall must be cleared.

✴️ Heartwall️ is abundance blocker to ideal Health, wealth and love. An energy wall made from your accumulated trapped emotions from the past traumatic events.

🤔 What you will get ?

1. Each session is one hour of intensive emotional release of unprocessed emotions including but not limited to deep rooted Trapped Emotions, Trauma Energies, Inherited, Prenatal and absorbed energies
2. Detailed email report with events and timelines
3. Skype or Phone Support 20 mins.
4. Heart Chakra reset
5. Protective Shielding
6. Additional Session Discounted at 80 USD

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Body Code - Single Session 120 USD

✴️ Easy on wallet ~ Pay As you Go before each Session

✴️ Ideal for Focused clearing energetic Misalignments and Imbalances causing physical and Emotional Issues such as Heartwall, Inner Child, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attack, Anger, Addiction, Suicidal Thoughts, Negative Belief or Phobias, Financial Blockages, Congestion In Energy Centers or Chakras, Pathogens and Radiation, Organs and Glands imbalances, Physical and Structural Misalignments such as Neck, Should, Spine and Pelvic Misalignments, Aches and Pains, Chronic Fatigue, Acupuncture Meridian congestion etc.

🤔 What you will get ?

1. Full 1.5 hrs. of Body Code Session releasing Max imbalances as long as your subconscious allows
2. Detailed report findings emailed
3. 1 on 1 video/phone call walk through of the report and recommendations - 20 mins.
4. Self Care and Post Processing Guidance and Support to help you purge emotions
5. Raising Vibration and Level of Consciousness for blissful and happy life


High Voltage Trio 6 Body Code Sessions - 670 USD

✴️This is the most popular package amongst my clients and very well define healing path with razor sharp focus on Clearing Heartwall, Inner Child Healing and Nurturing, and Inter Chakra Harmony and Balancing

✴️Best way to Clear Traumas received from your Ancestors, Childhood, and Toxic Relationships

🤔 What you will get?

1. Full Outer World Heartwall Clearing
2. Releasing deep rooted Child Hood Traumas in Inner Child Nurturing and Healing Session
3. Removing Healing Blocks and Offensive Energies including but not limited to Etheric Cords, Spirit attachments, Saboteur, Curses, Evil Eye, Suicidal or Will to Die Energies, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Negative Core Beliefs etc.
4. Focus on 2 Issues due aches and pains, organ Imbalances or structural Misalignment causing physical discomfort and disrupting normal life function
5. Addictive heart energy
6. Inter Chakra Balancing and Harmony
7. Shielding and Grounding Exercises and Techniques
8. Each Session lasts 1.5hrs with detailed email report
9. 30 mins video/phone call for walk through
10. On call support for post processing and purging of emotions

Note: Every person has a different life story, unique scar and a different traumatic experiences, some respond very well to the healing modality some clients need more time to heal. Additional Sessions are discounted at 111 USD

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