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Remove, Relax Replenish Kit
Sip, Soothe, & Strengthen Kit
Get Up & Go Kit
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My Why

My Transformation

In this day in age, society puts so much pressure on everyone and they promote beauty and body image ʜᴇᴀᴠʏ.

I found myself suffering from something I never had before. "Adult Acne" for 6.5 years!!!!!
As a woman I was shameful and I was in pain from the Cystic Acne. New breakouts everyday. Painful to touch, painful to sleep, face scarred everywhere. Family asking questions... wearing make-up everyday to hide what I could.

I sought professional help for months and it didn't work. I tried holistic treatments, that didn't work. I tried over the counter, that didn't ease the situation. I tried branded commercial products and that was a waste of money too.

My last resort and recommendation came from a person I previously work with. I told myself ...this would be my last attempt. I was starting to believe this was my destiny, my long life issue. She began to tell me about the benefits of CBD TEA and Nutraburst and some of the ingredients helped with inflammation.

So I purchased CBD Tea & Nutraburst began drinking it and in 14days noticed no new breakouts. Month after month my face cleared and skin tone returned. I now have added to that regimen CBD Lavender soap, Rejuv and Infinity Oil.

Who would known detoxifing my body would detox my face among many more things these products have helped me eliminate.

I will forever be happy and grateful for Total Life Changes and the amazing products we have.

January 2020

October 2020

Products used & Still Using:

Remove Relax & Replenish Kit
CBD Lavender Soap
Rejuv (Superfood Spray)
Infinity Oil (100% Emu Oil)

All About Me

Who is Lydia Warren?

I am a Life Changer.
I am a leader and will be the legacy of my family.

As a wife, mom of 2 and full-time Engineer and a business owner. I'm a natural nurture, very detailed and love to share and create things for friends and family.

Little Known Facts about Me:

▪︎ I come from a family of 7 (6 siblings) I am 2nd to youngest
▪︎ My husband and myself have coached a boys Basketball Team since my son was 6yrs old
▪︎ I was 1 of 4 women to graduate from a male dominant field in my bachelors program
▪︎ I can not eat food in the dark, I have to see every bite
▪︎ I love music and nature minus the bugs

I was born and raised in Alabama where I still reside. I am building a future for myself and family. I look forward to meeting and working with with new people from different backgrounds, cultures and cities assisting you to your wealth and wellness goals.

Director in Total Life Changes