In-House Training

Transforming New Employees

In-House Training is the first service of it’s kind, Transforming all new employees through a Customised and In-House Onboarding and Training Programme suited to each position and business.

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Collaboration with IHT

Welcome to the Collaboration Station - After hearing of In-House Training or deciding to Collaborate again, it is important for The Hiring Company and IHT to meet and discuss.

The meeting should consist of the persons responsible for the decisions in the hiring process, joined when need be, by HR or accounts.

The appointed IHT Guide will be introduced, along with the Programme and Plan created for the Hiring Company.

During the Collaboration you can expect to discuss the Hiring Position and it’s Responsibilities, the Company’s History, Ethos, and Vision.

The Collaboration will occur again once the Research and Creation Phases are completed and once again, during a time of the Hiring Company’s choice.

IHT Research Phase

The IHT Research Phase consists of 3-4 weeks and is the most important phase of the entire Training Programme as we become ONE with the Company.

During the Research Phase we aim to gain an understanding of the Company at hand, learning everything from the structures to the processes.

Within a period of 3-4 weeks, The IHT Guide should gain a wealth of knowledge through a self-induction into the Company, collaborating with the Company’s team, website research, learning the systems used, and most importantly diving deep into the position at-hand. The IHT Guide will visits the company a minimum of 5 times within the period, and depending on the season, the IHT Guide will request collaborative meetings with the team individually and collectively.

This length of the Research Phase shortens to 2-3 weeks, should the Company request training for new employee/s.


Two Creation Packages

With the introduction and knowledge gained through the Research Phase it comes time to prepare a Plan and set of Materials that will equip the New Employee/s.

The materials are created according to the position and responsibilities of the new employee/s.

IHT has a selection of two packages, Package One and Package Two.

Pre- on boarding, Role Specific Training and Reporting

Package One:

Package Two:
-Training Manual
-Training Video