Hello and Welcome

My story and experience with IVF, my first pregnancy and baby loss

Hello I’m Kelly and welcome to my page. This page has been created in loving memory of my beautiful daughter Shiloh Maree who sadly passed away on 1st December 2020. This page has been created to share my IVF journey, first pregnancy and life after baby loss. Becoming a mother has slightly changed into a different type of motherhood for me. I’ll be sharing everything from my brighter days to the darker days. I will also be sharing the good, bad, sad, ugly days and real truths of my experience with IVF, my pregnancy complications and life now after Shiloh passing.

I hope to help anyone who has become a bereaved parent by sharing my thoughts and story to let you know you are not alone. With sharing my story I find it helps with the process of healing my heart. Writing enables me to work through this ever evolving grief path. I hope to help others feel less alone who unfortunately also have become a member of this not so pretty club. I will be sharing what has helped me with my anxiety and those overwhelming moments where grief takes over.

I am also aiming to somehow be able to break this ridiculous silence chain around baby loss and help educate anyone and everyone about what life is truely like after losing a child.

Since losing Shiloh, I have really noticed that baby loss is still a “don’t go there” subject. Many people don’t know enough about it or choose not to know about it and/or talk about it and then some people simply cannot handle the thought of it what so ever and choose to completely ignore it. I hope to make a difference somehow in this big world by talking about it and breaking the silence on this subject that is so incredibly important to talk about.

To those who have lost a child or multiple children, to anyone struggling with fertility, I’m truely sorry, but please know you are not alone. All your feelings and thoughts are valid, no matter what others may tell you. We all grieve differently and there are no set ways or time limit with grief. I’m forever learning this day by day.

Much love and kindness, Kell 🦋🌼