I'm still young wasting my youth. I'll grow up next summer!!

All I know is I don't know nothing. I love you but I don't love nothing at all.

The world is crazy, so corrupted. I'm by myself so I don't feel too involved.

It's a been a long time, since I was young and she was the first face I was looking to call mine.

I guess it's alright, let's get a couple of drinks and I got issues we could fight about all night.

I keep doing that thing where I'm drinking again. I got medicines in my closet.

I got nightmares sleeping again, I gave you my heart. You lost it.

It's getting hard to fake how I feel, when your face still taunts me.

I know it's hard to fake how you feel do you not still want me?

How'd you runaway from a place you brought me?

I did it to myself though, go ahead and blame this on me.

Drowned myself in alcohol. That shit never helps at all

I might say some stupid things tonight when you pick up this call.

I'hv been hearing silence on the other side for way too long.

Running low on serotonin in these empty moments.

Dark humour used to be so enjoyable.. people making fun of their own trauma to make light out of dark situations,Now it's just a bunch of 20 year olds brutalising and mocking people with different beliefs, blatant racism, and bullying people. This isn't dark humour, it's privileged shitshows exercising their privilege on the down low