Innejewellery  —

Build your collection with us!

Our mission is simple we offer real preloved gold at accessible prices. We started this brand because firstly we are embarrassingly obsessed with jewellery, secondly we were frustrated spending a substantial amount of money on gold plated jewellery that inevitable falls apart after 2 years and thirdly real gold jewellery prices were out of our reach for most of our gold obsessed lives.

We to change that. We want to offer and anyone the ability to collect and build a collection. We purposely buy prices that’s we can sell at different price points so people can mix and match. Our aim is a collection that will never date, last forever will not cost the earth. Hence inne was born.

How it works, we drop our new pieces through our Instagram stories. The first person to DM us for the dream piece gets it! Our drops are live for 48 hours.

We also sell direct to clients, this has grown in the past few months to be incredibly busy. So if anyone see a piece they love they give us a shout and we will hunt it down for them.

By selling through Instagram, working directly with clients and keeping our drops small and select, we are able to offer what we believe are some of the best prices in Ireland.

We started in December and have sold out every week. The response has been extraordinary, and we are enjoying every second of nerding out with our followers on Instagram.

Our brand is fun young and eye catching it. We want to show a curated selection of jewellery and strong branding that supports that curation.

Dm for chats and see our T and Cs and this works link for future info.