InquisitiveMeows ⬇️

Who am I?

Hello!! Welcome! My name is Todd (he/him/they/them pronouns) and I'm behind the usernames InquisitiveMeows. I'm 23 years old and I started cosplaying in 2012; ever since then it's become a passion of mine. A few inspirations of mine are Guillermo Del Toro, KamuiCosplay, Jenna Marbles, Danny Devito, and the McElroys (Including Clint)! I am an artist and love to create and share my work! I consider myself to be a maker style cosplayer and want to not only create but advise and nurture those with the same passion.

I mostly am known for cosplay, but I also dabble in many other artforms. Aside from cosplay I also love to create makeup art, wearable electronics, original costuming, art in both the traditional and digital sense, and resin crafting! Outside of cosplay I work as a seamster tailoring wedding dresses! I am SUPER DUPER pationate about my creative endeavors, and hope to inspire however I can. I'm just out here trying to live my life to the fullest by creating and learning!

I hope to foster an open-source environment for cosplay creation that is free of judgement! I'm very open minded and love to connect with those around me. I also take commissions and offer free advice to cosplayers seeking help for projects, so feel free to DM me on instagram or email if you need assistance (Also please don't just dm "hi" if this is the case, I likely won't respond due to anxiety)! 💕

Haru (Beastars)

Photo by Artemis (2021)

2b (Nier Automata)

Photography by @dxaunn (2020)


Costume by @heavenlyhopecosplay Photography by @Neeble_Weeble (2020)


Photography by @Hian_Photos and Sewing by @Delinked17 (2019)


Photography by @Parallax_Photography (2019)

Souda (Dangan Ronpa)

Photo by @brookwormcosplay (2022)