Let’s get healthy together🌺

You did it!!! Welcome to the new you 😘

I’ve always had a passion for being healthy. I’ve read so many books and explored every weight loss/workout option known to man. I’ve been through every stage of a weight loss journey and have found myself giving up after not only gaining all my weight back....I PUT ON 40lbs MORE🤭
Needless to say, enough was enough!

I finally started to focus on fixing myself from the inside. I studied different eating styles, the benefits of certain foods and the AMAZING benefits of changing my way of life. This was the BEST decision I ever made. Knowledge is power!! The more I studied the more I found peace and joy. I cleansed my life...not just my body. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel🥰

One thing I had trouble with was relating to the people sharing the information I received. Everything seemed so far fetched and I found myself rethinking but I refused to quit!! That’s what inspired me to create as many platforms as I can to share my journey. I’m a busy mother just like all of you but I’m ready to kick excuses a*”!!!
Who’s with me??? Let’s get it ladies (and gents if you’re with us)

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