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Let me tell you about my story

I am from Venezuela, and I moved to the UK when I was 14. I went to school, college and university here and in Summer, 2019 I graduated from University in International Tourism Management!

Completing my degree was my biggest achievement and I thought that from that moment onwards it was all going to go uphill. In fact, I thought ahead and managed to get a job within the industry I was studying for. I started to work at the airport as a check in agent a year before I even graduated and it did made my final year at uni harder. Balancing a full time job and university wasn’t easy but it was all going to pay off once I graduated! Or so I thought... You know, graduates expect hundreds of job opportunities with different companies, internships, friends for life, support and all the beautiful things they promised after completing a degree. Spoiler alert, none of that happened!!

3 months after I graduated, I got made redundant and lost my precious job. I had already made the investment of buying a house with my fiancé and the weight just all came down on my shoulders. I got a job a week later at a small cafe, and although I had experience from when I was back in school, it all felt like not 1, but 3 steps backwards. I was no longer in the industry and I felt like I couldn’t make use of my degree in the small town I live in.

At this point I was so unhappy and frustrated, I didn’t want to think of anything apart from what I had to do to get my rent money by the end of the month. It felt like my whole life changed in a matter of days and my future plans had turned the opposite way!! Many health and physical issues came with all this drama, but let’s skip ahead to the positives!

My appearance have always made me feel good about myself! So I knew that by getting a full face of makeup, nails done and perfect hair I would cheer myself up! And that’s when I knew exactly what I had to do. I started to look after myself more, and people noticed! The products I was using were giving me a better look and I knew I had to do something with it. I was a VIP with Monat then, and I decided to buy a one way ticket (in this case, it was a box) to change my life!

Less than 1 year in, and I don’t even look back!