Hey im baverly and welcome to my page if your new to being a fp i got yah!

Helping baby fps<3

Starting on!, Every fp has to start with a colouring colouring is very important so ppl would like your page<3, next you need to have a theme to stick in if you want to change your theme you can private your vids or just post many vids with your new theme!, And last dont be toxic and be nice to others!<3

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Some random facts in my account!

I'll be introducing my page to you guys!<3

Hey im baverly aka inspobaverly, go follow my acc inspobaverly!<3, i do self promo and i like ppls videos i post 2-3 videos in a day! I help ppl and i dont judge ppl!, I hate ppl when they hate one of my idols >_<

No links!

Get to know me better!

Here is some facts about me!<3

My name ia baverly!, Im 10 years old, My birthday is December and my sign is Capricorn!, I like volleyball, i also know how to play a guitar and piano, i also perform as a ballet, my dad is half Filipino and my mom is pure Filipino so im pure Filipino!, Im also finding friends!