My Shopee Favourite Purchased

#1 Tulips

Foam tulips decoration, available in many colors such as white, pink, peach, blue et cetera

#2 Nordic Paper Bag Vase

Double layers kraft paper bag vase. Nordic style for your home, school, office, and so on. Suit for artificial flower and dried plant.

#3 Ipad Case + Mouse + Keyboard

Cute ipad case with keyboard and mouse. I love this cause the spot for apple pencil in on the top so it will be easier to move out and use.

#4 Props: circle placemat

The circle placemat used as props to shoot products, so the picture will be nicer and aesthetic

#5 Wooden masking set

This cute wooden masking set is nice, suitable to use during masking face. Given free wooden spoon too! So aesthetics

#6 Custom business card

I am their loyal cust because their service so effective, like design malam ni esok terus print and postage for 2000pcs! Memang terbaik kualiti tiptop!

#7 3D led clock

This clock help you to keep on track you progress during study session. Nice and aesthetic ✨

#8 Candle warmer

My current obsession✨
Apply skincare sambil pasang this candle warmer. Bau candle semerbak bilik. Tenang sangat! Nak buat kerja atau study pon best sbb it helps me to be focus bila tenang

#9 Candle wangi and murah

I am kedekut nak bakar candle mahal mahal, so this ikea candle murah, tahan lama dan yang penting bau wangiiiii! I love the vanila scent soo much! 💕

#10 Test tube vase

Test tube vase, suitable for propagate plant. I use to propagate money plan using this. Just put some water and put in the stem cutting. So nice to decorate your working table too! ✨

#11 Glass vase woode stand

I love this cause it is small, nit take a lot of space to pun on working table. Nice, make my mind calm during working and study! ✨

#12 Money plant

I love this plant cause it is easy to handle! Senang nak jaga! Kalau letak dlm air pon tak pe, tak perlu nak siram siram dah ✨

Effa punya, golden pothos & neon pothos ✨