Design Services

How can I help you?

Not sure what your design style is? Having trouble figuring out the best furniture layout for your space? What about that beautiful trim detail you saw on TV that you would love to do in your own house? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Design Schemes and Mood Boards

Everything in our home helps create an overall mood and tells our visitors about us and our story. Where we’ve been and what we love. Does your house tell the story you want to tell? Creating a mood board helps to focus in on your design style and acts as a road map to getting to a home you love.

Space Planning and Floor Plans

Using AutoCAD, I can create a scaled plan of your space and try out different furniture layouts to figure out what works best.
Planning on finishing your basement? Let’s create a floor plan of the space you want, so you can get the most accurate estimate from your contractor.

Built-ins, Trim and Finishes

We have all watched those design shows and wished we could make our homes look like the ones on TV. What sets them apart? I’m willing to bet it’s in details. The built-ins, trim and finishes. Let me show you how to take your production home from builder basic to show home status.

About me

Love interior design? Architecture? Travel? Baked goods? Disney? All or some of the above? You’ve come to the right place. I’m an interior and architectural designer with more than ten years experience in the model home industry. I have a special interest in the whimsical and fun side of all things design.