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About Jasmine

Jasmine is a spiritual healer, self-development coach and passionate cook, who uses spiritual teachings, meditation, traditional acupressure massage therapy and intuitive nutrition support, to guide individuals back to a place of health, happiness and wholeness.

Through her own extensive journey through overcoming mental illness, Jasmine is passionate about sharing the natural knowledge and wisdom she has acquired since childhood, to help individuals develop the mindset skills, strategies and self-assurance they need to take back control of their lives.

Jasmine began her professional journey studying a Fashion, Arts & Marketing degree at Northumbria University. However, due to her extensive journey with depression, and her eagerness to prevent others from suffering, she continued to steer her work towards the awareness of mental health.

Throughout her time working in the Fashion industry, she lived in a community of creative warehouses in North East London, and soon recognised that healing souls and holding space for people outside of the office was the true work she put here to do.

With that she followed her intuition to travel the world, taking Buddhist teachings, a journal, her meditation practice and passion for food as her only source of mental health medicine as she journeyed through many difficult chapters.

Throughout this time, she worked as a private live-in carer and chef, flew to Bangkok to study the art of traditional Thai yoga massage, and also volunteered at a local Counselling Hub (NWCH in Lincoln) which focused on providing therapy to children - a cause she was strongly passionate about.

It was here that Jasmine studied her Level 2 in counselling skills and became eager to provide her own unique service combining all of her alternative therapies.

In 2018 she ran her first two healing retreats - one in Sardinia and another in Lincolnshire, and in 2019 she moved back to the North East to begin working with 1:1 clients.

Since then she has built up a local client base, supporting individuals with pain, stress, anxiety and depression and has become a mental health & wellbeing author for the North East magazine High Life North.

Throughout Covid, Jasmine took the programs she was running at her retreats and created an online course that could support people globally (see the Into The Light page for more details) and set up Root.UK - her first food and wellbeing business working with vegan produce to provide dishes and events locally around the North East.

Jasmine’s mission is to spread awareness around the fundamental teachings of living a healthy, happy, authentic and fulfilled life.

From developing self-awareness, mastering the mind and balancing energy, connecting to intuitive nutrition and raising ones consciousness through emotional intelligence, Jasmine aims to teach, inspire and support individuals, families, corporations, and humanity as a whole, back to their natural state of harmony in the most easy and enjoyable way.

She hopes to use her life and journey to inspire others to heal naturally, and to instil hope and faith into others who are struggling most.

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