All about Intrigued Events

Hello! Thanks for coming!

I’m Amber and I am the owner of Intrigued Events. All my life I’ve been a creative individual. I always wanted to add my touch of design to everything even if it was someone’s living room. I always would do crafts growing up that was my peace of mind. Every year I would beg my mom to decorate the Christmas tree a different way then the year before. Who wants to see the same boring tree? Every time someone needed something creative with a different touch they would call me.
I had my daughter in 2013 and then her first birthday rolled around. I started planning and ordering things going out to stores looking for everything to match the theme. Found a place to have it at and invited everyone family and friends. After I successfully accomplished her first birthday. I said to myself Wow! That was fun! I should do more. So I started engaging more and more into the party world. It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to make it a business. I love thriving under the pressure of planning, and decorating. When I see the look on my clients faces I know then that I have a achieved the ultimate results. There’s no end to event planning and my goal is to exceed expectation with every event that I do. Event planning has a special place in my heart and I enjoy turning visions into reality.
Thank you for visiting my page I hope to hear from you soon!