1:1 intuitive mentoring

[la medicina eres tú]

a space to guide and empower you
as you journey home to yourself.
align to your authentic purpose and power, cultivate new ways of living, unlock your full potential, overcome energetic blocks and nurture a mindful, loving relationship with yourself.


I’m Carlota, Mind, Body, Soul Wellness guide, educator and creator. Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness practitioner, NLP practitioner and Energy worker.

My work as a mentor is centred around guiding and empowering you as you journey back home to yourself. I believe that we are our own medicine [‘la medicina eres tu’], and I am devoted to creating a space of healing and self discovery without limits or conditions - as you remember the medicine that lies within. A space for aligning to your authentic purpose & power, nurturing energetic balance, mindfulness, deep healing, overcoming blocks and cultivating new ways of living.

What makes ‘Intuitive’ coaching different?
Well rather than just focusing on secular elements of life such as habits and skills I also integrate spiritual principles alongside those important parts. Working with the energy you project to help you resolve your deepest issues, intuitively sense your blockages and help you root out the sources, emphasising on emotional and spiritual healing. Then guiding you through the process of releasing negative patterns and introducing new habits, thoughts and beliefs that support the life you want to live. You could say combining the practical, with the magic.

It is my passion to uplift others to reach their highest potential away from fear, pressure or shame. So, I am here to provide a safe, free & soulful container for you to express, grow & heal, in a 100% judgement free & confidential space of love and empowerment. I like to make my sessions as comfortable as possible for you with an open ‘chat’ style, from the comfort of your own home or space. There is no one size fits all for my sessions, you are truly unique and my mentorship will support this.

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what can we work on?

• Looking back through your stories, identifying what has shaped your current reality - this work can be deep & challenging but I am here to support you as we uncover what may be keeping you blocked.

• Addressing negative self talk & solving destructive habits, thought patterns and repeating cycles in
your life that may be obstructing your growth.

• Rebuilding self esteem and self confidence. By working through your limiting beliefs, releasing self doubt, overcoming fear of judgement from others and letting go of the need for external validation and approval. To enable you freedom and unshakable confidence in yourself and your ability to handle whatever life throws at you.

• Stepping into alignment with self reflection, understanding & self awareness. Allowing yourself to truly feel your emotions, to express and show up authentically.

• Reflecting on relationships in your life and how they may be affecting you, working on enforcing healthy boundaries, understanding attachments, bonds, co dependent relationships and working through how to change and stop cycles repeating within the relationships in your life. Recognising your worth to enable you to only attract high value partners, friends and surroundings that align with you.

• Work in harnessing and resting within your healthy divine feminine energy whilst healing and balancing the wounded feminine/masculine.

• How to ‘manifest’ intentionally. Setting goals, visualisation tools and methods, understanding the power of gratitude, thought pattern, vibration and affirmation.

• Holding space and guidance healing the effects of trauma with introspection and emotional & spiritual healing.

• Unlocking your inner potential through the power of authenticity and limitless self discovery, empowering you to become clearer and more aligned to your true purposes.

• Forming new daily habits, rhythms and routines.

• Integrating energy work and meditation, clearing energetic blockages and nurturing energetic balance.

• Accountability - I will act as your accountability partner.

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We will also work together to find valuable tools & practices that cater to the path you are creating for yourself, by way of -

• Daily habits, rituals & routines
• Meditation
• Grounding techniques
• Affirmation practice
• Morning routines and rhythms
• Journal prompts
• Manifestation tips
• Daily mindfulness practices
• Goal setting and accountability

And more...

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