Hi. I’m Anna!

Educator turned Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Intuitive Coach, hype-woman, creative muse, storyteller, initiator for the mental health community, fighter for the greater good, and creator of Intuitive Performance Psychology.

I’ve been told that I am a tenaciously joyful and authentic human being who tends to shake things up. I would have to agree. Evidently I encompass an incredible wit and offer an unparalleled sounding board experience to anyone who needs a safe space to just BE.

I’m a mom, wife, loyal friend and fierce advocate of positive change for the next generation: our kids. I do things differently but always from a place of love, anticipation, appropriate humor and intuitive wisdom. In my seemingly nonexistent free time, I lobby the hell out of the integration of psychedelic-assisted therapy in CT and partner with the amazingly fearless, brilliant, and inspirational powerhouses at Reason for Hope.

I gravitate to (and seem to attract) artists of any medium, pioneers, trauma survivors, musicians, and anyone who yearns to create lasting impact whilst coloring outside the lines.

However, my heart will always be with our young people and the unsung heroes (moms).

I also offer performance strategy and leadership screening consultations for corporations, creative venues, and places of education. My advisement blazes a direct trail to identifying the scope of a person or team’s capacity. We then collaboratively put the right people in the right seats to best aid the desired vision. Or tune up the ones who are meant to stay.

This comprehensive, exploratory, and expansive work can also be done 1-1 within an intuitive therapeutic coaching session or mentorship. This is ideal for anyone looking to sharpen and amplify their creative impact professionally.

Easy progress.

✨Where you can find me:

Currently, I operate out of a deliciously unique and vibrant location on Main Street in Old Saybrook. i offer virtual, in-person, or on-site consultations. However, seeing clients in their creative element is my favorite mode of transformational care.

I share a space and collaborate with the universe’s most influential and gifted portrait photographer. I may be biased but the proof is in the pictures.

Bravo, @saramshoots, bravo.

✨What the the vibe?

Breaking tradition and out of boxes is kind of my thing. As is guiding my clients (you!) on a journey of self-illumination by tapping into your innate gifts and ferociously co-creating a refreshed, love and freedom-filled reality.

I consider myself to be an excellent combo platter of Wendy Rhoades, Olivia Pope, David Rose, Brene Brown, and the entire cast of Bridesmaids.

However, it is not lost on me (or any client or friend of mine that I am one-of-one) as are you. Partnering with me in a time of creative or literal crisis will change your perspective on yourself and your very important place in this world.

✨To all my soul clients out there:

I can’t wait to meet you, teach you and be taught by you. I believe we were all born for a reason and who we came here (on earth) to be has never been before and will absolutely never be again. It is part of my mission to help more of us honor ourselves as the masterpieces we were designed to be.

Naturally, I’m a people person as I have built my business around people. And so, contrary to most philosophies my business is very personal. I lead with integrity, curiosity, and a sense of unrelenting possibility. I think most of all I love rising to meet each day with excitement to go to work. Or whatever it is that I do now.

I have built myself, my life, and my new business to last. However, I always leave wiggle room for necessary evolution and alternative vantage points. We all hold a piece of the puzzle.

✨Funky Facts:

• Upon request I occasionally grace the world stage as the pastor of all pastors by way of joining dear friends together in union. This master of ceremonies cannot thank the #UniversalLifeChurch enough for the (alleged) license.

Love always wins.

• I married my high school sweetheart and we’re coming up on our five year wedding anniversary. He never lets me rip up a dance-floor alone (unless I request a solo endeavor) and is the foundation of our family.

• I’ve gone sky diving twice even though I’ve always thought myself to be scared of heights.

•I come from an incredible lineage of otherworldly Italian chefs (professional and non), however I struggle with slapping together a PB + J.

We all have our strengths.

This is all in between trying my damndest to learn the piano at age 31 and pretending to hunt for dinosaurs with my kids on lunch break.

✨Guilty pleasures?

• Cerebral, open-minded, brain-bending conversations about existence

• Addressing the elephant in the room and then help you ride it

• Oreos

• Talking about human design and the gene keys

✨What’s it like to spend time together?

The typical client feedback embodies an overwhelming sense of validation closely followed by the healthiest dose of carpe diem energy.

I don’t love standard resume word vomit but I feel that it’s important to note that I’ve been working the front lines of the mental health field for over 7 years (most significantly in a high school setting). As it stands, the station where the mental health and education trains are supposed to meet is wildly out of service.

I believe there are better ways of *doing things* in both respective arenas. We all deserve better, especially our babies. If we do things the way they’ve always been done, no true progress will ever be made. So here’s to rolling the dice, speaking up, and fighting the good fight.

Let’s find the others.

In my bones I’ve always had this overwhelmingly deep desire to serve the whole and to add my splash of fun-filled vitality to humanity. Vulnerably living my truth has accidentally on purpose led me to reimagining what mental health care is and what living the good life means in real time. While enjoying the damn ride.

To close, I love company on road trips. My virtual cup brimming with enthusiasm overflows as I extend the invite to join me in any capacity that feels good to you. I tend to travel with the windows down and music on max volume, but I’m extremely gifted in the art of compromise.

Harmony reigns supreme.

Let’s meet your moment together.

⚡️Now accepting new therapeutic performance coaching clients!⚡️

To learn more about anything above please email annascottlpc@gmail.com or reach out directly to Anna at 860.428.9593!

Your best is yet to come 💡💜