Hello and welcome you beautiful soul!

Who am I and how can I change your life?

My name is Alex and I’m here to ignite the flaming Goddess/ God that’s itching to come out! 🔥

I am a highly intuitive mentor/ coach that wants to be your own personal hype girl within pockets reach!

Let me help you shift into the best version of yourself by ⬇️

Reconnecting you with your inner voice, purpose and core values.

Unblocking any beliefs that aren’t serving you and teaching you to overcome your fears that are holding you back!

Reignite the passion and determination to follow through any pleasures and desires that you have.

Help heal any past wounds that affect you having the growth you deserve.

PLUS I also coach you through! ⬇️

Balancing your masculine and feminine energy through different parts of life.

Spiritually awakening your ego state and navigating how to use this to your best advantage.

Most importantly I help you through your personal development journey and support you through the most soul fulfilling shift into your highest self 💫

Intuitive guidance session!

Intuitive guidance session:

Book in for a 45 minute to 1 hour reading where we will bring through your guardian angel. I will tap into your energy and provide you with information about your guardian, I will unblock any messages that you need to hear,