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We are a Community of Daily Bible Readers. We are not professional readers; just people who love God and love people. We bring awareness to Biblical illiteracy and we endeavor to eradicate fear and intimidation out of reading God’s WORD. We do this by proving Biblical Resources and Tool to help our community become more proficient Bible Readers. Additionally, we strive to exemplify the true Body of Christ by encouraging each other to add value to someones life whose hurting or destitute. Our free Community is a safe space where we meet people on their faith walk journey, linking arms to assist in fulfilling their God-given purpose.

Join us on Clubhouse for 40 Minutes of Soaking Worship

4:30 am CST Mon-Friday

We spend 40 minutes in worship listening to instrumental soaking music.
Mon-Friday starting @ 4:30 am CST. What is God saying to you in this hour? Bring your pen, paper and Bibles whatever you need. To position yourself to hear from the Holy Spirit! Blessings.

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Our Faithful God Trust In Him Exalt His Name

Remember who He is. He is Sovereign
He’s in everything, He knows everything, He made everything and He’s your everything.
Alpha and Omega
Lord of Lords
King of Kings
Call on His name for he is Great!
There is no other name above his name Jesus-Yeshua
It has power. Use it.

In His Service Enjoy,
Erica Helm

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