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My name is Heather Dodaro, I am the owner of ReVamp Nutrition, a Health & Wellness Coach, Certified personal trainer, nutritionist and have much more certifications within this field. I love to help provide people the opportunity to improve their healthy lifestyle, but that is not all I do. There is so much more to me and you as a client then just that!
I am your accountability partner to guide you with education, mentoring, 24/7 one-on-one coaching fitness and self-development.

Favorite Picks

Little Something for everyone

Your daily dose of boosted energy or for longevity..... I have it all.
If your looking to tone up, bulk up, lose weight or just be healthy or healthier we can make you a package that is geared to you and it will come straight to your door!!

24 Line empowering nutrition

A place for pre-,during & post-workout Nutrition to help you train, recover, and perform at your highest level with all the nutritional support you need! These 7 products you can customize to your day-2-day needs based on your activity levels and training demand. NSF Tested international

Jump Start 01

A refreshing, fruit flavored protein drink to help satisfy hunger between meals Along with boosted energy tea & aloe for your digestive system. Combination of all three makes for a great taste as well as hunger control!!

Power up, Fuel Good

Fuel Your day with a liftoff, 4 different flavors. Simply drop one tablet in the water and unleash the power of this great tasting energy supplement loaded with vitamin C supporting B vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12. Contains a special selected panics ginseng root extract to support brain function accelerate memory and help reduce the feeling of mental fatigue.  
15cal no sugar


TeaBomb gives you a boost of energy when you need I the most!! Drink it in the Morning to help you wake up or drink it in the afternoon to help you beat your energy slump!!!
Increases mental alertness and concentration. Provides antioxidants support. Contains Vitamin C + energy supporting (all) B vitamins. Smooth the stomach + supports healthy digestion. Caffeine to boost energy and temporary increase your metabolism. Supports nutrient absorption and intestinal health.
Very low calorie
No sugar

Epic Formulas = Get Fit & Get Paid

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