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Wife & Mother

I am passionate about
— holistic wellness [ focusing on fortifying our minds through gut health, hormone health & mental wellness ]
— Clean beauty [ without compromising on quality, our health, & results ]
— Low toxin living [ I believe in educating ourselves with the ingredients we consume & that are in our products. With the goal doing of reducing the toxin load on our body. Do what you can in the season of life you are in ]

I help mentor & coach women on how to make money online & build their own Wi-Fi empire!


Partner with me

Start your own mental wellness affiliate business

How many of you feel that financial stress is directly tied to your mental health?

I know I can trace back much of our stress to financial struggles as well.
1 in 4 are struggling with mental wellness and over 50% of the population are living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, most say that an emergency of just $400 could put them in financial danger.

It’s an uncertain time in our economy right now, and I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in waiting it out without a plan.

Because Financial wellness IS directly tied to Mental Wellness, I decided to partner with the FIRST company actually doing something about it.
They not only have natural, science backed products, but they also have programs to help with finances too.

I’ve been sharing about mental wellness products the past few days, but wanted to share the affiliate marketing side too, in case you are also looking for a way to earn income from home!

Affiliate Marketing is taking the world by storm right now, and it’s making it possible for people like you and I to fill in the financial gaps!

These are the perks that really stood out to me:

• Receive a $10 discount code to share, regardless of follower count.
• Choose to build a team, or just share your discount code!
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• Free App with sharing tools + Easy to use website.
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• Sharing products that fill a need for 1 in 4 people.

Happy Juice

Struggling with your mental wellness? It could be from your gut!

I wish I could go back in time & give my struggling self a cup of “happy juice”.

The last 2 years (really since 2020 if I’m being fully honest) I went through seasons of struggling badly with anxiousness, high stress, a lot of life changes, overly tried, burnt out & more.

Sometimes our brains just does not get the right signals because out gut is so messed up.

heal your gut - heal your brain

If you’re looking to gift yourself something that will help you feel like yourself again, you’ll want to give this a try!

—* 60% Decrease in irritability scores
* 55% Decrease in anxiousness
* 49% Reduction in overall distress
—* 70% Increase in good bacteria
* 211% Increase in positive mood
* 105% Decrease in negative mood

Here’s how it works: 🥤

Mix 3 powders together in a glass of water!
—Powder 1: Supports gut health, stress resilience, & positive mood.
—Powder 2: All natural nootropics to support motivation and metabolism
—Powder 3: Caffeine free support for mental energy, focus & physical performance without jitters or crash

💥 Some more benefits:
*supports mood & motivation
*naturally increases serotonin levels
*provides overall health for the second brain (the gut)
*enhances mental performance
*clinically proven to help decrease anxiousness and feelings of sadness.

All natural, plant-based ingredients made with science backed studies. We don’t use products that aren’t clean in our home & this passed with flying colors !!

• click the link below with a custom premade cart with a $10 off code already applied!

I’m just here to tell you, you don’t have to feel that way anymore if you don’t want to. ✨


Clean & effective skin & bodycare without compromising on health while still feeling like you are receiving a high end beauty expereince

YES, you read all that right. I found the holy grail (at least for me & by my standards) of skin & body care!

I find it so crazy & ironic that we as women will use BEAUTY care products that are chalk full of toxic ingredients, that can jeopardize our health.

I believe our beauty regieme should have the best of all worlds, something that makes us feel beautiful while using the products & is safe for our short & long term health.

OSEA Malibu was that brand for me!

Clean beauty since 1995, a family owned company that cares about quality of their ingredients & the environment.

Beauty By Earth

Clean self-tanner & affordable skincare

I discovered Beauty By Earth when I was on the hunt for a clean self tanner. This brand has grown SO much over the years & they offer a wide variety CLEAN self care items!

They are most known for their self tanner ( so many amazing options from lotions, mouse, tanner drops etc). I would also recommend checking out their Vitamin C & Bachuckiol (natural alternative to retinol without the side effects & just as effective).

I love so many of their products, the best part is when you bundle them, you get a huge discount + add my code & you will save even more!

Check them out in the link below!

Perfect Supplements

Affordable food sourced supplements with vigorous testing for contaminates + heavy metals

I was on the look out for a clean & high quality supplement brand, a friend of mine was using this brand & I decided to look more into it. I LOVED how strict they are with their testing & how transparent they are with their results.

They have a WIDE range of high quality supplements on their site, they also host other brands on their site that are just as high quality.

If you bundle 3 of their items together, you will receive 20% off + pair that with my code below & they will take off an addition 10%

Some of my favorites so far are their bovine collagen, liver supplements, bone broth, & magnesium. I plan to try more of their products which were unfortunately out of stock when I placed my initial order! I also LOVE the amount of product you get, even if used daily like I do, these supplements will last!