Rise Of The Baby Boomer/Empty Nester —

Supporting the stay at home Mama, Granma, Empty Nester, 50plus & Fabulous women who want to step into the online business space

Hey Legends

Lovely to have you here 🙏

A little something about me

Proud to be a Baby Boomer born in the late 50's

Mother to eight adults.

Six son's, two daughter's and grandmother to nine beautiful granbabies

Two years ago I was presented with an online business opportunity, with an irresistible, high ticket global offer and an amazing compensation plan

A high vibe energetic community of like minded souls ready to uplevel in all areas of their lives

Five months later on my 60th birthday i retired myself from my nine to five administration job

Travelled to the UK for six months and became a digital nomad .... now stuck in Melbourne due to COVID19

Mid 2021 I am relocating to the UK permanently pending travel restrictions

I am a creative, crafty, critter who loves diy and all things thrifted see fb pg "Allthingzthrifted"

The creator of "Kaboodle Babeez & Kids Boutique" now closed due to my online business commitments and partnering with an amazing business and training platform "The Freedom Era"

I have been happily in lockdown with four of my nine granbabies doing grandma duties

Taking advantage of the reset, reconnect and rediscovery of my souls purpose

Working on my online business including the 90 Day Mastermind

Completed a couple of diy and reno projects

Also discovered a new passion .... PLANTS 🌱

My vision & mission is to encourage and support the stay at home Baby Boomer, mama's, granma's, empty nesters, 50plus & Fabulous women to consider their options post children & grandchildren

To help them overcome the empty nest syndrome by keeping physically, mentally and emotionally active and connected to their heart space and purpose

There is still so much out there for us to achieve

If you have been holding on to unfulfilled dreams, goals, desires NOW is the time to make them a reality

Prove to yourself and others that life for the Boomer is only just beginning, and there is so much more in the tank to offer

That right NOW in the current climate, a time of uncertainty, this is the best time to grit your teeth, bite the bullet and dive in to the new era of online business and automation

NOW is the time to stand up and be counted

NOW is the best time to earn an extra income online or make it a full time income stream

NOW is the time to step into your power and live the life you desire

If any of this resonates with you

If you're interested and want to know more

Have 35'remins to watch a free webinar

DM or PM me

And I'll send you the link to register for the webinar



I have discovered the beauty and therapeutic properties of plants and I have to say I am loving the whole process

A newbie to the plant world who has been blessed with beautiful free plants from a couple of very kind and generous lady plant lovers

I now have my own collection of plants that I love so much

My therapeutic BLISS 🙏

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