a b o u t m e


My Strengths & Values

I'm a notoriously hard worker with an eye for detail and perfectionistic tendencies.
In creating, I love pushing myself to my limits and exploring new concepts, always trying to expand my horizons and improve the quality of my work.
I'm eager to learn and to recieve constructive criticism as I strongly believe improvement is a constant journey that everybody has to take.
As such, I am willing to work hard and perservere in order to achieve what I want.


My Goals

My works commonly stem from my own thoughts and are a form of self expression. I hope that sharing my thoughts and feelings are able to give people hope and let them understand that they are not alone in times of adversity.


Why art?

I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disorder year ago during my first GCSE exam.
Before I was even diagnosed, my symptoms had already caused a lot of distress and confusion because I didn't understand what was going on. Making art helped ground me. Seeing others' made me feel better because it reassured me that I wasn't the only one feeling this way.
Now that I know how powerful art can be, I want to be able to help others the way it helped me.

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m y a r t w o r k s

and what they're about


Digital illustration

• This piece first started of with the thought of "What would I be without art?". Specifially, my interest in it. Then it quickly went on a downward spiral of self-depricating thought after I realised I didn't know the answer.
• Many times we attach ourselves to one singluar factor to define ourselves; students with academics, artists with art, and so on. And we're not aware of it most of the time.
• I found my dependence on this subject terrifying. "Art is a part of me," I'd thought, "but who would I be without it?". Still myself, surely?


Self portrait

• I had initially wanted to explore working with neon colours while doing a self-portrait, and it quickly turned into something of a circus poster.


Cube still life

• ( Done in pencil )


Character design sketches

• ( Done on procreate )
• This small design sheet stemmed from the idea of creating a comic series that I had wanted to make for youths and people my age.
• I wanted him to look more easy-going and relatable, someone you'd want to/ see yourself being friends with.
• In relation to the previous point, his character sheet was thus overlain with annotations and stickers to give an almost juvenile look to it, much like what students would do with doodles done in class.


Foam printmaking

• ( Printed on tracing paper )
• This project was done for an exhibition surrounding "Forgotten Games" in NAFA
• I decided to pick jenga for one of them games as I wanted to push myself to make those simple wooden blocks seem dynamic and interesting.


Character design - Bust shot

• This was originally based on another character's design (see: no. 12) which was intentionally fairly simple, but I wondered how far I could push it to make them seem like they were two different people despite stemming from the same character design.


Acrylic on printed photo

• I wanted to make the bean can seem like it was painted onto the road (like street art) despite it being painted on a coloured photo print instead.
• The lid of the drain was painted to seem like the lid of a bean can, and the opening of the can was connected to the opening of the drain.


Watering can still life

• ( Done with pencil )


Character design sketches

• ( Done on procreate )
• This character is also part of the comic series I had mentioned earlier, so it has the same paper textures and annotations.
• I left out the stickers I drew on the first character sheet as I wanted it to seem simpler and less bubbly in order to fit this character's personality.
• While Jun Ming was meant to be more carefree and bubbly, Ping Qiu was more lethargic, reserved and straightforward.
• Again, the characters were made so that others (as well as myself...) could relate to (and want to befriend them) easily, and I quickly found Ping Qiu's cynicism to be effective.


Digital illustration

• In view of Black Lives Matter, I found strange how performative a lot of the activism was on social media.
• Activism should be for the sake of justice, not for pretenses.


Scene design

• This scene seems fairly normal. It's just a girl, going through the notions of painting her nails, while talking to a friend on the phone. Girls do that all the time.
• But then you see the transgender flag hung up on the wall and the paper banners. You guessed right, she's trans. Suddenly this scene isn't so normal anymore. But why?
• I wanted to make viewers wonder why being transgender was something that was "strange" or "not normal" in this situation. After all, this was just a girl doing her nails.
• This piece was made to make others understand that transgender people are just like anybody else.

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m y a c h i e v e m e n t s

at a glance



• 2020 - 2021 Committee Champion
• 2020 - 2021 Publicity Committee



• 2012 - 2019 NAFA art lessons
• 2014, 2016, 2019, 2021 SYF Competition
• 2018 - now Instagram Page
• 2019 - 2021 Class shirt design
• 2019 NAFA art gallery
• 2020 CCA jacket design
• 2020 Colouring book collaboration
• 2020 Chingay Parade
• 2020 Work In Progress gallery
• 2020 VIA - Recycling ( In-charge )
• 2020 - 2021 CCA Open House Booth ( Posters, Videos and Arrangement of Booth )
• 2020 - 2021 CCA Instagram page ( Admin )
• 2021 VIA - Cleaning Your Environment ( In-charge )
• 2021 CCA shirt design


Community Service

• 2019 AWWA Elderly
• 2019 AMK Methodist Church Kindergarten



• 2016 EAGLES
• 2018 Edusave Cerificate of Academic Achievement
• 2019 Edusave Scholarship

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m y a c h i e v e m e n t s

certificates & reflections ( in chronological order )


NAFA art classes ( 2012 - 2019 )

• Built my art fundementals and technical skills
• Gave me opportunities to experiment with different mediums and find out what I'm interested in
• Had me take part in events and galleries


Singapore Youth Festival ( 2014- 2021 )

• Led me to understand the importance of teamwork and perseverance through hours of training
• Familiarised me to working with a large number of people
• Helped me bond and communicate with people from all walks of life


EAGLES ( 2016 )


Instagram page ( 2018 - now )

• With this page, I was able to express my interest in art in a more casual light
• Also enabled me to join art challenges, collaborations and introduced me to other artists on this platform.

i n s t a g r a m

Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement ( 2018 )


NAFA gallery ( 2019 )

• Two of my works were chosen to be shown in the gallery "Soaring Through History".
• One of which was a repeated motif design based on the theme "batik"
• The other was an ink printing that originated from the theme "forgotten games".


Edusave Scholarship ( 2019 )


Colouring book collaboration ( 2020 )

• This was a global collaboration of 50 artists, and it was made with the intention of creating a colouring book for people to pass time during lockdown.
• It was hosted by vrpspam on instagram and published on 31st August, 2020.
• I was exposed to the behind the scenes of creating the product as we would collectively decide on the pricing, cover page, book title, etcetera.
• This enriching experince had me exchange tips and tricks and learn how to better improve my works.
• As this was the first time I was working with this many people on a collaboration, I able to pick up how to adapt to new environments.

c o l o u r y o u r q u a r a n t i n e

Chingay ( 2020 )

• I had volunteered to be a part of the Chingay Parade and had performed in the F1 Pit in January 31st, 2020 with the item "Strength In Unity"
• It had later been voted Chingay Champion of the Year. (link below)
• As the group I was part of had more than 200 people, this experience taught me how to work and communicate with people from all walks of life.
• Learnt the importance of working together as a group and of the individual roles we had to fulfil.
• Training hours usually stretched to 9pm, so I had to adapt and find fun in trainings for long hours for mulitple days in a row.

c h i n g a y a w a r d

Work In Progress gallery ( 2020 )

• I was incharge of the poster design team, so managed to quickly pick up on relaying messages and working with teachers constantly.
• We also worked alongside teachers to set up the gallery display, so we were more exposed to the behind-the-scenes of preparing for a gallery.
• I was able to work with teachers and students from other streams more, so I learnt how to effectively communicate with people I wasn't familiar with.
• Had me bond and socialise more with other artists.

g a l l e r y w e b s i t e

Open house ( 2020 - 2021 )

• As the Publicity Committee in 2021, I was tasked with the job of preparing the Open House video to promote my CCA, Chinese Dance.
• In 2020, I was also in charge of setting up the CCA booth and taking up shifts to encourage newcomers to join our group.
• I was also in charge of designing the CCA posters both years.
• Assisted me in communicating with people I may not be familiar with, as I was required to work with teachers more and step out of my comfort zone to introduce others to our CCA.
• Learnt how to manage time restrictions between performing and manning the booth,
• Had to work with requirements and feedback surrounding from teachers, thus leading me to be more flexible, and welcoming of critique.

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Animation ( 16 fps )

• I wanted to create something more dynamic and fun so I decided on using a video game ad aesthetic with brighter, more saturated colours
• Video game effects and the buttons clicking were planned to be added later on



• Despite not knowing what genders the characters were, and despite not showing anything else but the two characters looking at each other, most viewers understood the romantic inoculations between them.
• It was a subtle way of reminding viewers that love wasn't limited to gender.


Digital illustration

• During the making of this piece, I wasn't in the best place (...obviously) and facing the future terrified me because I felt that however hard I tried I still wouldn't be good enough to achieve my goals.

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