Tell the world what you’re made of

Hello Beautiful Souls, my name is Jesus and I am not a teacher nor a guide. I am simply a messenger. I am a seeker in my very limited existence.
In short I believe in the power of perception, self Awareness. I don't speak in Ego, but in wholeness, in nothing but unconditional love.
The simple message here is self love, wisdom, the light and the dark, the concept of spirituality.
God is in your heart, god is you.
We are all manifestations of the one infinite creator. We are the creator.
I see the Light in All of you.

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Stillness Is The Key 🗝️

Silence Sounding, Stillness Always Moving 🌌

Yin and Yang ☯️

This ubiquitous yin-yang symbol holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy.

I am a loving soul who is here to learn, teach and shine my light. I AM courageously walking my own path.
Which path are you taking? The Yin the Dark 🌑, the Yang the light. 🕯️ Dualism or Non Duality as one of many mentors describes. What work needs to be done, maybe no such work at all. I believe in you, I see the Light in you.



Presence is so powerful, who we are can't be photoshopped. As soon as you know who you are let it magnetize you. "Don't Worry, Just Be".- Anna Brown. Observe the worrier, observe the worry. Can we withstand our own emptyness? Ofcourse it can it is a very fulfilling state of mind. What do we do in meditation for those who do meditate? Observe the observer, notice the noticer. In the end the Ego becomes your "servant", the Ego never dies it actually gets integrated and this is just something I have learned recently and in spirit, our soul uses this body vehicle in alignment with the will of the divine. There is no me, there is only we. Practice receiving that light, receive heaven, receive kingdom and queendom. The Divine is in you. I have literally died a thousand deaths but I will not let myself die, because "God" is within me. And we are all One state of conciousness, "The Law of One" which I will get into later on. The Ego loves a fancy show, it loves chasing the high, it creates stories. "Oh now I'm high, now I'm not". This is where Divine Neutrality comes in. The Ego and the self are One, there is no separate you. You are not broken, you are not depressed, you do not need to put anyone on a pedestal. Pain and Joy are the same coin just different sides. The mind wants to complicate all of this.

You are already Perfect, You are already whole. You are unconditional Love Peace ✌️ Much Love ♥️ and Namaste 🙏