Islander Shay

Hi, my name is Shay.
Before I became an Entrepreneur, I used to work 10 to 12 hrs. shifts in the Hotel Industry as a Manager On Duty. Working for someone else has stripped away my time with my family and friends. I would miss out a lot on Special Occasions, Holidays, and Birthdays because I didn't have a choice. When I decided enough was enough, I took a big leap of faith by resigning and become my own Boss.
I have the love and passion for Art and Beauty products. In my perspective, I see makeup as a work of Art. Not only does makeup give confidence and enhance your beauty, but how you use it creatively on another level.
With that being said, I created Beauty Islander. A small business that sells Beautiful Lashes and Accessories. I get questions like why the reggae theme? It's because it represents our island style ways of living, who we are as humble and mellow people. To be honest, I am also a Stoner Mom 🙈 who enjoys listening to good vibe music and just want to spread the positivity. I am still learning and growing and hoping my business does too.
I hope to inspire people no matter your background, that they can do it too. I tell you, being my own Boss was the best decision that I've made and am proud of. I wouldn't have done it without my trust and faith in God and the support of my family. ❤

Beauty Islander's Vision and Goal:
We dedicate in providing our customers with quality, comfortable, and affordable Lashes that not only compliments their eye shape, but also their Amazing and Unique Personalities.

We truely believe every person deserves to express their Inner Beauty outside of the box. Whether it may be simple to creatively talented, we want to inspire and empower people to feel beautiful and confident in themselves with our products. We hope Beauty Islander Products bring out the Best Of You. ♡

Thank you for supporting Locally Owned Business. 🇬🇺 🇵🇼
God Bless. ❤