w e l c o m e

welcome to my website ! Things included are ::

thank you note
coloring tutorial
how to use a qr code
the fonts I use
bio and captions !

t h a n k y o u !

I am incredibly grateful for 23k! Ty all so much and thank u for the support !!

thank you all so so so much for 23k !
this is insane ! I never thought I
would ever get this far ! I first started
this account on July 25th 2020 and
it’s been the best months ever !
I also really want to say thank u to
my bff @.umcharles she’s the one
who basically told me to make a
fp 😅 at first I said no but then
It sounded like fun so I made one !
my first ever user was
@charli_._dunkin0 ! and yea ty
guys and Charli so much for making
me smile !

c o l o r t u t

here is a coloring tutorial! Remember cc is @dunkiespai

apps needed : 24 fps, prequel, ultralight
& colourtone !

1. 24fps
Add the QR code
called tak3 on m3!
QR code on next page!

2. Prequel
- adjust
contrast : -25%
highlights : 100%
shadows : -100%
- effects
filter : 0%
dust : 100%
- filters
Boston : 20%

3. Ultralight
clarity : -7
pink saturation : +10

4. Colourtone
go to colourtone
and add the filter
marble to 50%!

q r - c o d e

How to import it:

ᜊ 1. download the app ‘24FPS’

ᜊ 2. in the top left corner tap ‘import’ and select the video/photo you want to add coloring to.

ᜊ 3. Then in the middle left, you should see a blue, green and red design. Tap that.

ᜊ 4. Select the second option: ‘import polarr qr filter image’

ᜊ 5. Then just save the video!m

ᜊ ( also I use the filter called aurora ! )

f o n t s

here are all the fonts I use ! tc is @dunkieswirls !

- Kawaii stitch
- KGLittleswag
- Futura hand
- Sant Joan Despi
- Minecraft
- Cream
- Marker scribbles
- Pretty you
- Arrows
- Hipster icons
- garlic salt
- Atman
- Meeksa
- Milk

b i o+c a p t i o n

here is my bio and caption ! Bio creds to @dotscr and caption creds to @dunkieswirls !

bio :

⌗ 🎬 ៸៸ fanpage !
✿ tc rose | cc syd —
→ don’t spam !
website ↓ ⊹˚

caption :

🐼 ⌇ ⌗∙ put caption here ⌇ib :

T h e e n d

thanks for coming !

and that’s all for my website! remember to
give tc to @dunkieswirls and cc to @dunkiespai !