Briana Nichole Bostic

This is the generation of movement and I plan on making a difference. My number one goal is to make money that’ll contribute to my bills, lead others to ride their path, and encourage success!

When I was little, my natural hair was long and healthy, but once I started middle school, I straightened my hair everyday. My hair eventually decreased growth, shine and volume. In return, I lost my confidence and began wearing weave to hide my insecurities. I have used a ton of hair products such as Pantene, Dove, Organix Hair, Aussie, you name it. In addition, I’ve taken sugar bear hair gummies for the past couple of months without witnessing a change.

When a beautiful soul introduced me to Monat, I was all in. This natural based, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, anti-aging, stronger and healthier hair and skin care company will give you the same confidence back that I gained.

To make your life easier, you can make your own schedule with Monat! Instead of a basic 9-5, you have the opportunity to work anytime and anywhere you please. You can be a stay-home mom, a full-time college student, or stuck in a job your despise.

With that being said, click on any of my links (hair quiz, skin quiz, or work with me quiz) to start your making MONEY with your own rules and on your own time✨ I am motivated to be apart of this team and will motivate you to succeed in your journey.

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