It's about Family - Adventures - Mitsubishis

We are a family of 4 that happen to own some pretty cool Mitsubishis that have history and have helped create some lasting memories. We are just like any family as we go through the same obstacles of life like most families do. We aim to simplify our's nice to have some things, but things that can actually enrich and help enjoy life.

What's new?......What's happening?

Every now and then we will post an update of something with us. It can be from a trip/adventure to family milestones. Feel free to come by now and then.

Our new family member

Our Adventures and Trips

Let's make memories

Our Youtube channel has videos of our family adventures/trips that we experience. There will be How To videos on upgrades and maintenance on our vehicles like our Monteros.

These are links to our adventures and trips big or small.

We "kinda camped"

A Day at Tosohatchee

Daddy Daughter Sunrise sketch

My low key area may disappear, as small local trails lose to development.

We visit and hike the trails of Split Oak forest

Ann Springs Close Greenway Haigler hiking loop

3 Lakes WMA North side day trip

Carolinas vacation trip summer 2022

Asian Lantern Festival at Central Florida Zoo

Taking the Sunrail to Downtown Sanford December 2021

3 Lakes WMA January 2021

Brevard Zoo 2020

Apopka Wildlife drive

3 Lakes WMA Prairie Lake Unit

3 Lakes WMA 2019

The Galants

Content of my 1991 Galant VR4 & 1996 Galant 5spd 4G64t

These are videos of my Mitsubishi Galants. I owned these cars for over 20 years and the reason I have my automotive knowledge and skills on working on vehicles. From minor restoration to full turbo conversions...I have put a lot of wrench time into these cars.

July 2023 update: Fuel parts and ECMlink V3 for the GVR4

The Galant VR4 gets a rare part from Japan

My 1991 Galant has some bad fuel issues

Introducing my 1991 Galant VR4

1991 Galant VR4 Walkthrough (March 2023)

Product reviews

Maybe we can help you decide on buying that one thing that you have in your shopping cart.

These are videos of products we use and well we review them. The reviews will range from short term or long term reviews. The goal is to maybe help those that are on the fence to give a product a try because we want to know our hard earned cash is well spent. While we believe there are things that are worth their price because of our past experiences with them, we also believe that not everything that is really good has to be top tier money. There are products out there that provide quality value at a budget friendly price.

AMSOIL bs Mobil 1...which is better?

Harbor Freight Grants Extreme Foaming spray gun long term review

AVAPOW Portable Jump starter Long term review

Kiko tool cordless ratchet long term review

Pittsburgh 1.5 Tom racing Jack long term review

LED Colight (Rob2 series, 7" Defender series, 3" G2 flush mount) Long term review