it’s brea stewart


it’s me your favourite (newbie) lifestyle blogger and i’m back ! for those of you who dont know me i’m breanna stewart, better known as “brea” (seriously never call me breanna, ever please lmao). i am 21 years old and live in sydney, australia but i have also had the pleasure of living in dallas, texas USA for 5 years and also perth, australia.

although i have been blogging for over a year now there have been obstacles in the way that have stopped me from being able to do it as much as i would like but (thanks to @milkshake) i have been able to have my own website right here in instagram (wooo).

i have so much so say and i am SO ready to talk some shit (and some truth) again. i am a student nurse who has an immense passion for mental health, fitness, travel, medicine and overall bodily functions and so much more. i have had a wild 21 years of life thus far and have experienced adversity like many of you i’m sure and i would love to share those with you.

i have always been told that i am at times brutally honest and raw so what is a better way to express myself than being able to put my thoughts to paper (or screen) and share them with you all. so hopefully i havent scared you away before you have even been able to have a look. so excited about my blogging journey- its only the beginning !