I’m no superhero, I’m just like you!


I am a dog mom to 4 German- Short hair pointers( CRAZY DOGS).
Bonus mama to a beautiful 5 year old little girl.
Married to the love of my life.
I’m in the business of changing lives.

What do I mean?
I am an Army medic pursing flight paramedic. Medicine is my passion. I love seeing that I made a difference in someone’s time of need.

I also, have three steps in the morning that changed my life & it can change yours, too! I love getting to see the proper fuel influencing someone’s life.

Overweight & out of shape —> healthy

Three steps to a better me!

I got complacent.
I was low energy, fueling myself with coffee & energy drinks, eating whatever I got my hands on, and not moving my body.
That caused me to gain almost 30 pounds and start failing on the Army side.
I needed a change.. and FAST!
I added vitamins to my morning AND NOW….
I eat so healthy. I drink water not soda. No energy drinks, no coffee. I workout every day. I am now 10 pounds away from my happy weight & so confident!

What to do in your first few days.

Day one-three:

1.Take one capsule as soon as you wake up.
2. Drink half of your lifestyle mix within 15-30 minutes of taking your capsules.
You can mix it with anything. 8 oz of water, juice, etc.
3. Place your patch on lean parts of your body( shoulder, top of foot, bicep)

••• DONE! •••

•drink lots of water
•no caffeine

*** after day three take 2 capsules & a full shake