Emotional Triggers

It's okay to cry.

Ever find that you feel like you need to cry to get out all your built up emotions, but everyday life (work, family etc.) gets in the way and you have to put on a brave face?

I think most people I know do this, and that's okay. But it is also okay to let it out and have your moment to cry. So, sure, please go ahead and put on your brave face and push through your day at the office. But when you get home, and you get some well needed 'you time'... let it out.

Some people find that they've put on such a good brave face, that they now can't get out their emotions and the tears seemed to have dried up. BUT those emotions are still there and they'll keep stacking up until it may be too much to handle.

So let's talk about emotional triggers!
Find a movie that's bound to make you cry ('Me Before You' 2016, 'Marley & Me' 2008), or sit in a candle lit bath blasting some emotional music (The 'Dear Evan Hansen' soundtrack is great for any musical theatre buffs out there). These things are sure to trigger an emotional reaction, and this small release will 99% of the time allow you to release everything you in yourself have been upset/ worried about.

Make sure some tissues and chocolate are on hand for any clean up purposes!


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