About Me

Hey, I’m Daisia!

I’m a bi-racial child of two crazy, loving Navy veterans! I’ve moved too many times to count in my early childhood years, so I guess you could say new adventures is kind of my thing. I’ve always loved social media (considering my generation pretty much made it cool) and I’ve become a great navigator when it comes to many of its infamous platforms.

Learning has always been my thing since I was in the first grade, when I thought my classmates needed “help” with our assignments. (Aka me doing the whole classes work during each subject) Which is what lead me to pursue a degree in electrical engineering, though I quickly realized that I didn’t want to sit at a desk for the rest of my life from 9-5 dying from the inside out.

Thus here I am! 20-something years old with a business of my own as a virtual assistant! Dog-mom, bookworm, girlfriend, support system, and so much more! Now let’s get to the good stuff and find out how I can help not only you but your business!

My Services

Hi! Daisia here!

Before we get to making magic together I wanted you to know a little more about me! Being a virtual assistant isn’t just a random side job to me. I truly love helping others and being able to be apart of your businesses adventures brings absolute joy to my heart. With that being said, the tasks you provide me aren’t just things to mark off my to-do lists but actual learning experiences that help us both grow. I won’t be your yes woman or be someone to tell you just what you wanna hear. I want to be a vital member of your team not just a third party help. If I believe there is a more efficient way or program to complete a project I’ll voice that concern.
So here’s a list of some but not all of the services I can offer!

Social Media

•Social Media Audit
•Social Media Management
•Content Creation & Scheduling
•Hashtag Analytics
•Align content with ideal audience


•Email Management
•Invoicing & Scheduling Clients
•Website Accessibility Audit
•Update Website Content
•Analytics Breakdown
•Travel Coordination


•Social Media Templates
•Email Graphics
•Website Design
•Blog Posts
•Branding & Logo Design
•Image & Video Editing
•T-shirt Design
•Business Card Design