Health & Wellness Coach

Helping the world get healthier and happier. 🌱

Loosing weight is an amazing physical journey but even more so, a beautiful mental one too!

A Bit About Me~

Hey Queen/King! It’s Davia :) Growing up track and field was my love, I ran track for six years. I always wanted abs more than anything but never fully understood why I couldn’t acquire them. After track I was determined to get them, I worked out for two years with no gym membership by continuing to run around my neighborhood, then I started Herbalife shortly after for protein, team vibes, accountability and NEW results!

I've lost 7% body fat, & gained 17 lbs of lean muscle mass in just my first two months on the Herbalife products. My goal was to tone (loose weight, shed fat) and sculpt (gain muscle/weight, gain abs). The only thing that was stopping me was my self belief. 🤎
Astonishingly My glutes manifested a new image, but better yet my mind transformed. Instantly I fell in love with the taste and results of the tea and shakes. Theres a saying that goes "You don’t know how bad you truly felt till you start feeling GOOD" Fast forward, it's become even more of a lifestyle, and a goal. I strive to be fit, strong and healthy at 40, 50, 60.... with every gym session by simply bettering me spiritually, mentally, and physically every day while uplifting my team of Queens/Kings who show me that anything is truly possible.