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We rent life sized, giant, jumbo and outdoor games for any event.

Who is Its Friday Entertainment Limited? What are we about?

About our company

It's Friday Entertainment Limited was formed from a dream of owning an amusement park in Trinidad. Our founder Mrs. Krystal Friday began building creating and making these games as an attempt to gain entry into the gaming entertainment market in 2019.

Cocktail table

Hosting a stand up event? A fete, all inclusive, birthday party or lime? Is your space small?

Our Cocktail tables are the ideal setup for you. They are only 2ft x 2ft and are tall enough for persons to play standing up.

Shot race

Ultimate drinking game, shots to the finishline is all it takes.

Snakes and ladders

A game we all know and love since we young children. We go up the ladder and down the snake 🐍 definitely fun and nostalgia.


Choose your colour, get all your pieces home first and you win.


I huff you for not eating..... now crown me

Tic Tac Toe

Can you get all in a row? Tic Tac Toe you win!!!


Bishop to C4, knight to A5.... can you figure it out? Or Checkmate

Triniopoly game pieces

Trini version of the age old game.....monopoly

Coffee Tables

Hey yes, our coffee tables are 8ft x 8ft. They are 17inches tall with game board tops.

Invite your friends over for a nice round of games. Chairs can be placed for your guests to sit around these to play adding that relax mode.p

Guess wat??

Our version of pictionary without the team aspect. First one to the buzzer with the right answer gets the points. Draw your design on the board hope you can figure out what is on the board.

Shot Race

The game that tests your liver capacity to win a race. Shots to the finishline can you hold out???

D' Excursion

Our virtual excursion.... a bus ride game to the beach filled with fun excitement and a lot of drinking.

Ludo 8

Yes eight (8) persons can play at a time on this game table.


When you are in the mood for a war of words just call us up we have the giant version you need for you and your friends.

Tic Tac Toe

Game of X's and O's.... get your pieces 3 in a row and you win!!!


First one to get home wins... four colors to choose from Red Green Blue or Yellow.


Can you play dominoes... this is Usain Bolt's favorite game. Bet you can't beat him


Local Trinidad and Tobago version Monopoly created by our own founder.

Ropes and Ladders

Our version of snakes and ladders. Up the ladder down the ropes...


Can you eat all my pieces, this olden strategy game is miles of fun


Queen protects her king...

Ropes and Ladders, Ludo and Checkers

Fun fun fun and games...

Rental of any one $300.00 per 24hr day

Giant Boards

Our giant boards are 8ft x 8ft game boards, they go directly on the ground

When playing with our giant boards persons get to walk on them and simulate themselves as game pieces.


Giant ludo is more fun and exciting than regular ludo.


Crown me please

Pipes and cords

Up the cords down the pipes. Our version of snakes and Ladders.


War of words giant edition.... no way to miss a letter in this version of the game. Everything giant!!!


Additional spots for additional people to participate. Twister has you tied up in knots!!


Hasbro game monopoly

D' Excursion

Get on board our excursion game ride, let's us transport you to a simulated bus ride through our hand made board game D' Excursion

Shots shots shot shot race game —

The ultimate drinking game!!! Challenge you and your 11 friends.... Can you make it to the finishline?

Rental cost $300.00 per 24hr day