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Hi I’m Jamila! I’m a mom of three beautiful kids! Niya, Karely and Kevin jr. I am married to my soul mate!

I grew up in the sunny state of Florida in Orlando! Oh how I miss the beaches! I now live in Texas. I grew up with my twin sister and two other siblings. All girls by the way, poor mom lol.

Now that I am a mom and made it through my 20’s, which hasn’t been easy by the way, I’ve always had a passion for beauty and creating! Learning how to create content and practicing my makeup skills has allowed me to feel more confident in myself and cope with my depression and anxiety.

It’s an outlet that I enjoy that I call “me time” anytime I get in front on my camera or simply playing with makeup.

Now I’ve focused my time and energy to growing my YouTube page and share knowledge of skin and makeup to other woman. If I can make anyone feel better or more confident about themselves like it has helped me that is a true gift to give.

So I thank you for being here and allowing me to follow my dreams, even when sometimes they feel so far away.

It’s Glam Jam

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