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Hi friends!! If you’re reading this you are likely my VIP (aka hair bestie) or you are interested in naturally based, vegan, anti-aging hair, skin, wellness products!
I have used monat haircare exclusively for almost 2 years & have been blown away at the transformation I’ve had. I am so grateful to have turned this little space on the internet to a business & helping so many of you make the switch + fall in love with non toxic products that actually work 👏🏼

There are so many perks to being my VIP & I’d thought I would add to them 😉 so here is my first newsletter, I am going to be publishing these monthly & see how they go. Not only will they have exclusive hair, skin, & wellness tips but also some other fun things to connect with you all!

thanks for trusting me with your hair journeys!


May only for you products

Some of my absolute favorites are in mini form & free this month with flexships or new VIP enrollment

#1 Dry texturizing spray- adds body, grit, volume to hair- I use over hairspray sometimes
#2 monat energy- 50mg of caffeine, bio-available b12 & adaptogen blend
#3 replenish masque- helps boost manageability in hair, restores moisture & delivers nutrients
#4 C radiance illuminating serum- overall brighter complexion, targets uneven skin tone/ hyperpigmentation, & reduces sun spots

How do you pick one out? Go to flexship> edit the products you want> a only for you drop down menu will pop up> pick your freebie> save 👈🏽 this is important

Or new vip, I will send you a cart with your pick!

adjusting your products

If we did your hair quiz in winter & now your wondering why your hair is changing in the summer 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
summer routine vs winter routine
Summer months typically bring a need for more hydration due to heat & humidity, whereas winter months typically bring a need for more moisture due to dry hair

superfood greens & reusable can

these greens are the best I’ve tried & remember a healthy outside really starts in the inside! Our products are infused with all antioxidants for our hair, but this supplement makes it easy to get the antioxidants that will boost overall health So not only will you have healthy hair but skin, nails, gut etc. Also it makes the cutest reusable jar for rice, pasta, snacks, etc. just take the sticker part off and your good to go

My fav toast

Need a quick healthy lunch? 👇🏽
2 hard boiled pasture raised eggs, 1/2 smashed avo, 1 tsp mustard, 1 tablespoon of diced pickle, 1/2 tablespoon of red onion, salt pepper + pinch of crushed red pepper. On sourdough or grain & seed bread with bed of greens. W/ a Side of bubbly makes it perfect 👏🏼

some tips, some tricks

so how do these products heal my hair?

first things first, it’s very important to stick with your hair regiment I recommended and not stray away from it or mix products!

Monats products are toxic free, parabens free, silicon free so without a doubt you are going to have healthy, growing hair!
BUT it takes time once you make the switch, You may have been using products filled with toxins, chemicals, & gunk to clog up your pores for years. Which means you were most likely not experiencing new hair growth, do you know what the sign of a healthy hair cycle is?... SHEDDING!! Every day. Yup every day the average person loses 60-100 hair strands a day. Hair shedding will vary in accordance with the season, pregnancy, illness, age, and diet. Best way to catch hair shedding is by brushing your hair. So if you aren’t experiencing this, you have clogged follicles & the hair that is in your head is literally be stuck to it by product
build up, and when the follicle becomes constricted the hairs grow finer, thinner in diameter, over time these weakened hair follicles may stop growing your hair completely .. don’t worry that can be fixed!
Insert rejuvenique oil.. nothing like it on the market. A non toxic oil, that can penetrate through all three layers of the Cortex. So all that build up can be gone with oil treatments.. think when you put oil on dirt what happens? It disperses. Oil treatments will be your best friend & your transformation will begin! Argan oils, coconut oils.. not necessarily bad! But the molecular structure is too big to do really do anything besides sit on top of your hair & most likely may add to the problem or worse cause damage when you apply heat.

Okay but Hailey, I have shedding cycle but my hair is growing in may be thin, have scalp imbalances. You can still have clogged follicles that your hair is combating but may not affect hair shedding cycles but still needs to be fixed! I got you. What causes this? Current products you using, age, genetics, levels of DHT.
What can help? Procataline & capixyl
Procataline- helps maintain healthy levels of antioxidants in hair follicles to combat premature thinning
Capixyl- helps reduce scalp inflammation, strengthens/ thickens hair, helps counter act the formation of DHT & protect your scalp. (Our capixyl is a water soluble meaning it’s a rinse off)

Which monat products have this in it?
Renew shampoo
Restore leave in
Intense repair shampoo & conditioner
Intense repair treatment
Volumizing revive shampoo & conditioner
Smoothing shampoo & conditioner
Advanced hydration shampoo & conditioner
Black 2 in 1
Replenish hair masque

so I got you covered with shampoo & conditioner.

Hope that helps! & make you informed on what your hair cycle is & what it may it being doing now. Or if someone ask you,
How does monat work?