Welcome friend!

It's so nice to meet you.

Hello Jasmine here I'm a wife, mom to 4 little girls actively dreaming and working towards my dreams. After 2 months after having my youngest daughter i had 4 more weeks till I had to go back to work. I wanted to spend every second with my baby girl, but knew this day would come whether I was ready or not. I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes barely making ends meet.

I had came across an amazing opportunity to work from my phone and work my own hours being a brand ambassador for a health and wellness company. I never realized how much I really needed this business. Not only financially but spiritually and physically. I have met such wonderful people in this business and have made amazing relationships the support in our team is like no other I've ever been apart of. You never know what you need till God leaves you all the clues.

Now since its been alittle over a year and Ive been able to help tons of people bring their confidence back, in total of all customers lost over 500lbs, I've paid off credit cards, medical bills, and was able to finally buy my family a living room set NEW! We always had used couches since we first had a place together so this was a big deal. If i had to do it all over again and say yes, would I? Yes I would in a heartbeat. This has changed my life and can change your life if you just say YES! 💥